‘Hope At Home’ – ADR Receives Positive Update

DALLAS, TX (December 16, 2009) – As a followup to an article that appeared earlier this fall regarding “Hope,” an abused animal from Texas, Sara Shepperd, Executive Director of North Dallas Dog Rescue, wishes to share the positive news regarding the dog’s recovery.

“You can see a difference in what love, attention and medication has had for this sweet, beautiful dog, who through it all has never known a stranger!,” said Shepperd. “The first night home from four weeks at the vet, Hope slept in the linen closet, terrified of the other dogs as well as of us. She did not understand we all wanted to give her love.”

Now, three months later, the love and affection and special medication for her fur has made her a new dog.

Hope Before

Hope Before

“Hope is friends with everyone!” said Shepperd. “Her gorgeous black and fawn coat is shiny and thick and curly and every last bald spot is gone. She eats like a little horse and has about as much energy as a circus monkey!”

Hope has been chosen by behaviorist and trainer Paula Weir at Dog City Training Center in Carrollton, TX to take part in a pilot program for foster and rescue dogs – she will receive free basic training “in-house” and be able to “foster” with Paula and her staff and other dogs at DCTC during the week days. This will be an amazing opportunity for Hope, according to Shepperd.

Hope Now

Hope Now

“Here are her “before” and “now” photos…thanks to American Dog Rescue!” said Shepperd.

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