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ADRF and Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Contribute to Upcoming Film

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August 6, 2012


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ADRF and Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Contribute to Upcoming Film

American Dog Rescue Foundation and founder Arthur E. Benjamin are proud to announce their participation as executive producers for the upcoming film “Champion.” The film is about a seemingly ordinary dog named Scout, who was first intended to be a cattle herder but had other ideas. It is a heartwarming tale that should be a hit with the whole family.

The film stars Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights), Lance Henricksen (Aliens, The Terminator), Cody Linley (Hannah Montana) and “For the Love of Dogs” co-host Farah White. Arthur is pictured above on set with Cody and Lance, and makes a surprise appearance in the film as does American Dog Rescue (in character too)”!

San Antonio filmmakers Robin and Kevin Nations are directing the project, which is their followup to 2011′s “Angel Dog,” in which White also starred.

“This film is a great opportunity – not only to increase people’s familiarity with American Dog Rescue Foundation – but also to bring to audiences a story that proves every dog has value, even if their strengths aren’t what you expect them to be,” Arthur said. “In other words, EVERY dog deserves a chance (and a home)… Don’t miss the film when it premiers this fall.”

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