After Unspeakable Abuse, Teddy Is Ready For A Forever Home

As the dramatic before and after photos above illustrate, Teddy was in major trouble before being rescued by our friend Blake of ResQPet. He had a large tumor on his head and was found near a river, apparently the victim of an attempted intentional drowning.

American Dog Rescue Foundation was more than willing to donate much-needed funds on Teddy’s long road to recovery, but now we need to call in a favor from YOU. As a senior dog who’s already endured so much, Teddy needs and deserves a loving forever home to live out the remainder of his life in comfort and peace.

Would you be willing to take Teddy in? If not, do you know someone who would? Please share this post with as many dog lovers as possible. Teddy is in California now, but we’re happy to ensure his transport to a loving forever home elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help with giving this sweet, innocent dog a second chance.

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