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American Dog Rescue Attends No More Homeless Pets National Conference

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October 25, 2009


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LAS VEGAS, NV (October 25, 2009) – Founder and President of American Dog Rescue Arthur Benjamin, attended The No More Homeless Pets National Conference in Las Vegas with 700 other rescue group representatives today.

“I was both impressed with the progress made over the past two decades, especially seeing cities like San Francisco, New York, and Calgary committed to no-kill status, and that ‘TNR’ (trap and return) programs for feral cats are the norm now. Best of all, The Best Friends Network is the ‘cat’s meow’ in helping small rescues with internet presence,” said Benjamin, as he stopped to chat with Gregory Castle, No More Homeless Pets president and acting CEO of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation’s largest no-kill.

“One can clearly see that the dream of every attendee is a time when no more homeless pets is our reality and no longer a dream; a goal whose time has come,” said Benjamin, who has pledged to raise $2 million for the American Dog Rescue cause this year, “No Healthy Dog Without A Home,” and to support its “Food4Pets” program.

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