American Dog Rescue Extends A Paw Across The Globe

SHANGHAI, CHINA (December 1, 2009) – Arthur Benjamin, founder and president of American Dog Rescue, met today with Shanghai’s only state-recognized animal welfare organization to collectively support campaigns in China to protect dogs and cats in that city.

Benjamin made American Dog Rescue’s first international donation, which was also their first donation from the United States, and fostered future possibilities in a three-hour meeting with the president and board members of the SAAPA. Benjamin commented after the meeting that it was an eye-opening discussion.

“While the issues are almost the same across the globe like website development and maintenance for fostering connections, spay and neuter efforts, and pro-bono veterinary care, the issues they face in China reversing cultural issues in the treatment and attitude toward small, domestic, companion animals differ greatly from the US,” said Benjamin. “Their legislative efforts to stop those who take pets and ship them south as a food source are unheard of in our country, and represent issues that are critical, but cannot be changed overnight. American Dog Rescue will do all it can to help efforts in Shanghai and throughout China by connecting the SAAPA with American organizations like the USHS, and attempt to continue the dialogue for the advancement of animal welfare globally.”

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