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Arthur E. Benjamin Visits University of North Carolina’s Service Dog Program

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February 29, 2012


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Arthur E. Benjamin Visits University of North Carolina’s Service Dog Program

Today our founder Arthur E. Benjamin visited with University of North Carolina’s Service Dog Program and met with Terry Henry, co-founder of Paws4Vets to learn more about how UNC is training students to incorporate service dogs in their chosen field of study and future careers.

Mr. Henry described the program a unique 12 credits of study that additionally yields the students a certificate of dog training. Kyria Henry founder of paws4vets and and his daughter, 24, delivers the course based on her 12 years of personal experience.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the veterans and their dogs bond and overwhelmed by each of their stories about the difference these dogs have made in their lives.” said Benjamin after a dinner and classes with the three vets who shared their stories with the students in the UNC program.

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