CNN Hero Of The Year Pen Farthing Receives American Dog Rescue Foundation Humanitarian Award At Humane Society Of The United States To The Rescue! New York Benefit November 21

CNN Hero Of The Year Pen Farthing Receives American Dog Rescue Foundation Humanitarian Award At Humane Society Of The United States To The Rescue! New York Benefit November 21

Pen Farthing, Founder of Nowzad Dog Rescue in Afghanistan and recipient of the 2014 CNN “Hero of the Year Award” received American Dog Rescue Foundation’s 2014 Humanitarian Award Friday night while attending the Humane Society of The United States’ To the Rescue! New York in New York City, Nov. 21. Proceeds from the event, which was held at Cipriani on 42nd Street, benefit HSUS’ ongoing, national animal rescue efforts. Farthing has done a vast amount of work reuniting military service members and their animals from across the globe. American Dog Rescue’s most notable collaboration with Nowzad culminated in November 2011 with a reunion event at JFK Airport in New York City, garnering national news coverage from multiple outlets, including a touching segment on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. “ADR’s work with Pen and Nowzad Dog Rescue has reunited dozens of U.S. soldiers with their canine and feline companion and service animals over the past four years. I have never met a military member more determined and dedicated to the human/animal bond,” Benjamin said. “If there ever was a Divine Calling, Pen heard it and serves it without question and with excellence.” Mr. Farthing, a former British Marine, broke up a dog fight and wound up with a lifetime calling in rescuing the dogs and cats of Afghanistan that befriend military service members in the field of war. His mission, further manifested in the work of Nowzad, is to reunite these animals with “their people” once the soldiers have returned home. “I can only hope his attendance at this event bodes well for increased attention to the amazing work of service animals worldwide,” said Eric Bernthal, HSUS Chairman of the Board. American Dog Rescue Foundation ( is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue is committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue places healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. Donations can be made by visiting or […]


Livingston, TN – American Dog Rescue Foundation has once again contributed to a successful raid and rescue in collaboration with Animal Rescue Corps—the second time this month! Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) assisted the Overton County Sheriff’s Department today in the rescue of twelve dogs, six horses and one cat found living in neglectful conditions in Livingston, TN, about an hour and half east of Nashville. All of the animals were surrendered by the property owner to Animal Rescue Corps. According to the Animal Rescue Corps, all seven of the adult German Shepherds were emaciated, had inadequate shelter and no food or water. All of the dogs were chained to trees or posts with only dilapidated wooden or plastic crates on the ground for shelter. The five puppies from two litters, approximately 4 and 5 weeks old, were living outdoors in freezing temperatures. Three puppies were emaciated and would likely not have lived through the night. Horses on the property were found living in inadequate conditions, standing in several inches of mud without any food or water. The cat was very thin and suffering from anemia and internal parasites. “There wasn’t a morsel of food on the property,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “No dog food, no hay or grass, and no water. The dogs were desperate and eating their own feces. I’m thankful that the property owner surrendered 100% of the animals so we could act quickly to save them.” This case began when ARC received a tip concerning the alleged neglect of the animals. Documentation brought by ARC to the Overton County Sheriff’s Department revealed several animal cruelty code violations. “We take animal neglect very seriously in this county and sometimes people get in over their heads and can longer care for their animals,” said Chief Tim Poore of the Overton County Sheriff’s Department. “I’m just glad there are rescue groups like Animal Rescue Corps who can step up and help the animals who are suffering.” ARC safely removed the animals from the property and transported the dogs and cat to an emergency shelter already set up by ARC […]

Sierra, Pregnant Stray From Mexico, Gives Birth To Happy, Healthy Pups

We recently had the opportunity to help out with a worthy (and outrageously CUTE) situation of dogs in need. Our friends at St. Martin Animal Foundation took in Sierra, a pregnant stray found wandering the streets of Mexico. Because of the combined efforts of St. Martin, American Dog Rescue and others, this was a happy ending for not just one amazing dog, but had an impact on FIVE special furry friends, all of whom can now be adopted out to loving homes. Thank you for your continued support of American Dog Rescue. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us keep creating fairytale endings like this one.


Humboldt, TN – American Dog Rescue (ADR) founder Arthur E. Benjamin knew it was meant to be the moment everything came together. “We’ve made tons of rescue connections in the past and funded many puppy mill shutdowns, but this was the perfect storm of chipping in with both a substantial amount of funding AND a shelter that agreed to house every single one of the dogs until they find loving homes,” Arthur said. Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) did what they do best: shut down a Tennessee puppy mill with assistance from the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of approximately 100 dogs found living in extremely neglectful conditions at a breeding facility at a home about two hours west of Nashville. All of the animals were seized by the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office. Tri-County Animal Rescue in Boca Raton, Florida (one of ADR’s all-time favorite shelters to partner with and donate to) agreed to house the animals, all of whom will be available soon for adoption to loving homes. All told, ADR chipped in ,000 of the ,000 needed for the rescue effort, plus the invaluable no-kill shelter connection. Adult dogs and newborn litters of puppies of a variety of small breeds were found crowded into small crates and pens, exposed to extremely high levels of ammonia and without access to adequate water. The dogs were suffering from untreated, painful eye infections, respiratory conditions, dental issues, severe matting that limited their mobility and vision, and urine-soaked, feces-caked fur. “The conditions were very typical of a puppy mill, where animals live in deplorable conditions and are treated as nothing more than breeding machines. These dogs have been suffering from various untreated illnesses on this property for a very long time,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “A lot of suffering ended here today and I commend the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office for acting quickly and working with Animal Rescue Corps to save these lives.” This case began when ARC received a tip concerning the alleged neglect of the dogs. Documentation brought by ARC to the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office revealed several violations of county and state animal cruelty codes. “Gibson County takes allegations of animal […]

American Dog Rescue Establishes William B. Williams Animal Rescue Project

William B. Williams, known to his friends as “Billy,” passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest in South Florida, Oct 29. Because Billy was such a friend to animals, having rescued many himself, American Dog Rescue has established the William B. Williams Animal Rescue Project. Beginning today, you can make a donation of , or an amount of your own choice in memory of Billy. Your donation will help save two lives: a dog with the right skill set will be rescued and trained to be a service dog, and a disabled veteran is given a companion to help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of our national heroes commit suicide due to post-traumatic stress disorder, but service dogs are trained to help them cope with the psychology aspects of post-war life. American Dog Rescue and paws4vets have teamed up for several years now to help make a difference for these vets. Your donation helps ensure that important work continues, and that caring people like Billy Williams can live on through their legacy of kindness to humans and animals alike.

Tex wins Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County, Inauguration Set for November 25

Mayor Ben McAdams and Salt Lake County Animal Services are excited to announce the election results of the recent “Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County” campaign. Tex, the “caninedate” supported by American Dog Rescue, raised more than ,500 and won as Canine Mayor. The new Deputy Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County is CeCe, a 3 ½ year old mini Golden Doodle. Canine residents of Salt Lake County were encouraged to run for Mayor. While “CANINEdates” had to be Salt Lake County residents, voters could live anywhere in the world. Over 1,500 individuals cast their votes via donations with proceeds benefiting Salt Lake County Animal Service’s Injured Animal Fund. Fourteen dogs residing in Salt Lake County accepted the challenge and took to the streets shaking paws and licking babies. The campaign raised a total of $23,080. This amount includes all funds raised from the 14 Caninedates and their filing fees. According to Mike Reberg, Director of Salt Lake County Animal Services, “This is one of the most successful fundraisers ever held by our agency. The money raised for the Injured Animal Fund is going to help hundreds of injured and ill animals that find themselves in our care.” “I look forward to having the company of Salt Lake County’s first canine mayor or deputy mayor when I’m out at community events,” said Mayor McAdams. “I know Tex and CeCe will be excellent advocates for all of our community’s furry friends.” “I have served in dog rescue for the past seven years and have never before seen such a creative way to raise money to save injured animals. Thank you Mayor McAdams and the whole Salt Lake County Animal Services team!” woofs the new Canine Mayor, Tex. “I am proud to serve Salt Lake County as its Canine Mayor for the next two years and pledge to do my very best to see every home that wants a companion animal has one, and that every dog and cat in the county has a home.” Texas and CeCe will serve a 2-year-term and attend special events with Mayor McAdams. Texas and CeCe will be inaugurated […]

100-Pound Boxer throws his bone in the political ring. “Tex” holds roundtable discussion with both dogs and cats to announce his campaign for “Salt Lake County K9 Mayor”– America’s best tail.

Salt Lake City, UT— In response to Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams’ call for a special K9 Mayor election, and with strong bi-partisan backing from Utah’s top political leaders, wide support from local and national animal rights groups, and the help of many cats and dogs, “Tex” has launched his “caninedacy” for Salt Lake County K9 Mayor. At a roundtable discussion today at the Salt Lake County Government Center, with his closest four legged advisors present, Tex and some of his fellow dogs and cats talked about the importance of this election, strategized on how to win. These dogs (and one cat) gave a tail wagging approval. They demonstrated their excitement by panting their approval of Tex’s furry friendly platform: – Increase the adoption of dogs and cats & spay/neuter – A service dog for every disabled veteran – Bringing our military K9 heroes home – Helping all public servants to learn to communicate with big dogs like him In this time of national political mud-slinging and partisan bickering, Tex is doing it the Utah way, by demonstrating he is not a dogmatic leader.  No bones about it, this is an impressive list of political supporters including: Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (R), Utah Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis (D), Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart (R), Utah House Minority Leader Jen Seelig (D) and Utah Democratic Party Chair and former SL County Mayor Peter Corroon and Utah Eagle Forum Leader Gayle Ruzicka, former Utah Republican Party Chair and US Senate Candidate Joe Cannon and former Utah Democratic Chair and Clinton White House aide Donald Dunn.  “We are happy to support Texas for K9 Mayor of Salt Lake County. Texas will bring together people, dogs and cats to support this important charity and to raise money for the injured animals of Salt Lake County” said Senators Niederhauser and Davis in a joint statement. Tex’s story is America’s best tail. He is an adopted rescue dog who has spent his life in Salt Lake County helping promote and advocate for the humane treatment of animals.  With the loving support of his guardians Arthur E. […]

Tex Announces Bid For K9 Mayor Of Salt Lake County, Raises Funds For Animals In Need

Salt Lake County is in search of a new K9 Mayor to represent dogs in need and American Dog Rescue has nominated the perfect candidate for the job. After all, who could be better to give a voice to animals in need than former death-row rescue (and longtime Sandy, Utah resident) Tex? Learn more, VOTE AND DONATE NOW at Though he may look tough on the surface as a 100-pound Boxer, Tex has actually overcome long odds just to survive, let alone run for office. Eight years ago, this amazing dog was nearly put down for his severe separation anxiety issues, and now he’s overcoming those nerves to step out for this important mayoral campaign. Tex is supported by a staff of many, including his owner and ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin, Humane Society of the United States Utah State Director Sundays Hunt and former Clinton White House staffer Donald Dunn, as well as everyone in the American Dog Rescue organization. Voting takes place October 1-21, so please be sure to visit and let your voice be heard! This fun election, featuring Tex and 13 other dogs running for K9 Mayor, benefits Salt Lake County Animal Services, more specifically its Injured Animal Fund. The Injured Animal Fund is specifically restricted for use in helping to provide Emergency Medical Care and Attention to seriously ill or injured animals who could not otherwise become adoptable. This can range from broken bones to amputations and everything in between. It is our hope that this fun will expand so that many other animals with expensive and painful injuries may be helped in the future. Every animal that comes in to their care at the shelter is treated as an individual. Every animal is special. American Dog Rescue Foundation, Tex’s main election supporter, is making a $1 donation on behalf of each voter who is unable to donate to the Fund either due to financial or geographic reasons while designated funds last.

Our Favorite Dog Videos: Dog Injured In House Fire Reunites With Owner

Each week, we bring you one of our favorite and most heartwarming dog videos from around the web. Stories like the video below inspire us to continue what we’re doing — we won’t rest until there’s a home for every dog. If you have a suggestion for a featured video, please post it to our Facebook page.

You Rescue Me Profile: TAZIE and Jeff Help Rescue Each Other From PTSD

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014: Carol’s entry on behalf of paws4people / paws4vets.   TAZIE is a feral rescue from Afghanistan. She had severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. paws4vets rescued and trained her and she is now a certified service dog who is the constant companion to a veteran who served 2 combat tours in Iraq and is struggling with his own PTSD. She has saved his life. They have saved each other.   For more about Jeff and TAZIE, check out their appearance on CNN, along with ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin:  

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