American Dog Rescue Helps Sophia Live The Rest Of Her Life Comfortably

American Dog Rescue Helps Sophia Live The Rest Of Her Life Comfortably

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her sweet face, but Sophia has had a rough life. As a black Pit Bull, she faced the longest odds of being permanently adopted and therefore spent most of her days in various animal shelters. She currently lives in a foster situation with other senior dogs, but recently needed some additional medical care after being diagnosed with an intestinal disorder. American Dog Rescue was proud to chip in and help this sweet girl live in comfort for the rest of her life, expected to be a maximum of only six more months (she’s 14 years old). This is just one example of the thousands of dogs we’ve helped through partners like, in this case, St. Martin’s Animal Foundation. If you’d like to join us in saving and enriching the lives of companion animals please visit our donations page to make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution. Together we can end the suffering of these animals and accomplish our mission of “No Dog Without A Home.”

Rehabilitated From Humble Beginnings, Pansy Still Needs Your Help

It’s difficult to believe the two pictures above are even of the same dog—the first one taken when Pansy was found in a Tustin, California dumpster at just three or four months old and the second much more recently. Pansy was pulled from a shelter just last month by our friend Blake and his organization, ResQPet, in order to save her from being euthanized. What Pansy needs now are two things: 1. Additional funds for her medical treatment and 2. A forever home or at least a temporary foster. If you can help with either, please visit our donations page [link] and note that your donation is for Pansy in the optional “comments” field, call us toll-free at or get ahold of us via Facebook or Twitter.

American Dog Rescue Sponsors SPCA Of Texas Event

SPCA of Texas hosted the western-themed “Paws Cause” event February 23 at Sambuca Restaurant—Uptown in Dallas. American Dog Rescue Foundation and founder Arthur E. Benjamin participated as sponsors of the event, which raises funds for the Mary Spencer Spay/Neuter Clinic at Village Fair in South Dallas, a spay/neuter clinic that performs more than 11,000 spays and neuters in high-need neighborhoods each year. The event included food, drinks, entertainment and a silent auction. “Spay/neuter is such an important part of beginning to fix the homeless animal problem,” Arthur said. “I’m thrilled to support a cause that makes these services available to people who otherwise might not have their pet spayed or neutered.”

ADR Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Featured As Guest Blogger

American Dog Rescue Founder Arthur E. Benjamin was featured last Friday on a popular website for dog lovers— Arthur told the story of how ADR began with just himself and his faithful rescue poodle, Buddy, and gave information on what initiatives the foundation is currently supporting. Arthur also discussed My Dog the Champion, the new movie he helped executive produce. This guest blogging opportunity represented an important opportunity to extend ADR’s reach, particularly on social networks, as Dogster has more than 130,000 Facebook fans and almost 21,000 Twitter followers. You can like ADR on Facebook here or follow on Twitter here. Here is an excerpt from the article: “I remember it clearly. It was the late summer of 2005. My trusted sidekick Buddy (a six-pound rescue Poodle) and I watched dumbfounded by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. There was so much human suffering, and yet we knew so many animals were affected as well…” You can read Arthur’s full guest post on here.

“You Rescue Me” Contest Warms Hearts, Benefits Rescue Organizations

American Dog Rescue Foundation put a new spin on dog rescue with a national contest that wrapped up on Valentine’s Day. The “You Rescue Me” contest was intended to celebrate man’s best friend in an entirely new way—by focusing on how dogs rescue humans, rather than the other way around. Contestants from across the U.S. entered to tell their human/dog rescue story on the American Dog Rescue Facebook page and voters turned out in droves, introducing approximately 3,000 new Facebook fans to American Dog Rescue. Winners included: 1. Ruff Start Rescue, nominated by Christine Kozanda, got 1,314 votes to take the grand prize of a $1,000 donation. 2. paws4people, nominated by Lisa Swiger, took the second-place prize of a $500 donation with 1,186 votes. 3. HELP Humane Society, nominated by Tamara Howard, received a $250 donation with 459 votes. “We were thrilled to hear the many heartwarming rescue stories from the participants,” American Dog Rescue Foundation founder Arthur E. Benjamin said. “And we were even more grateful to be able to contribute funds to rescue organizations making a difference for dogs every day.” In the coming weeks, keep an eye on the American Dog Rescue blog as we’ll feature some of the stories “You Rescue Me” brought out—including both winners and non-winners.

After Unspeakable Abuse, Teddy Is Ready For A Forever Home

As the dramatic before and after photos above illustrate, Teddy was in major trouble before being rescued by our friend Blake of ResQPet. He had a large tumor on his head and was found near a river, apparently the victim of an attempted intentional drowning. American Dog Rescue Foundation was more than willing to donate much-needed funds on Teddy’s long road to recovery, but now we need to call in a favor from YOU. As a senior dog who’s already endured so much, Teddy needs and deserves a loving forever home to live out the remainder of his life in comfort and peace. Would you be willing to take Teddy in? If not, do you know someone who would? Please share this post with as many dog lovers as possible. Teddy is in California now, but we’re happy to ensure his transport to a loving forever home elsewhere. Thanks in advance for your help with giving this sweet, innocent dog a second chance.

American Dog Rescue Launches “You Rescue Me” Contest; Accolades Go To The Dogs

American Dog Rescue Foundation is putting a new spin on dog rescue, with a new national contest launching January 15. The “You Rescue Me” contest is intended to celebrate man’s best friend in an entirely new way—by focusing on how dogs rescue humans, rather than the other way around. Contestants from across the U.S. can enter by uploading a video (one-minute maximum length) or photo with brief description of their human/dog rescue story on the American Dog Rescue Facebook page any time between January 15 and January 29, with American Dog Rescue Facebook fans choosing a winner via voting that ends February 13. The grand prize of $1,000 to the winner’s favorite animal charity will be awarded on Valentine’s Day, in honor of the love humans and canines share. Second and third prizes of $500 and $250, respectively, will be awarded to those entrants’ favorite animal charities as well. “This contest is the perfect way to celebrate our furry friends and the unconditional love they provide us,” American Dog Rescue Foundation founder Arthur E. Benjamin said. “We’ll have a lot of fun, be inspired and most importantly give away almost $2,000 to worthy charities that help animals in need every day. I know my dogs have rescued me countless times throughout the years and can’t wait to hear many more great stories.” All who enter the contest (while supplies last) will also receive a free DVD copy of “My Dog The Champion,” an inspirational and heartwarming new movie executive produced by Benjamin. The official DVD release date is February 4, meaning American Dog Rescue fans can get an early sneak peek by entering “You Rescue Me.” The trailer of the film can be viewed by clicking here. For more information about “You Rescue Me,” please visit American Dog Rescue Foundation ( is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue is committed to placing healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. Donations can be made by visiting […]

Executive Producer Arthur E. Benjamin And Anchor Bay Entertainment Release Inspiring Feature Film About A Girl and Her Dog

My Dog The Champion’ – Starring Dora Madison Burge, Lance Henriksen ?And Cody Linley–– Debuts February 4, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA – From the city to the country, families from coast-to-coast will experience an uplifting coming-of-age adventure when Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes My Dog the Champion on DVD. The inspiring story of an unlikely friendship between a born-and-bred teenage city girl and a cattle dog, the new feature film starring Dora Madison Burge (“Dexter,” “Friday Night Lights,” Cowgirls ‘n Angels), Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, Aliens vs. Predator) and Cody Linley (“Hannah Montana,” Cheaper by the Dozen) makes its national retail debut on February 4, 2014. Executive Producer Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that works to rescue and promote the health and well-being of dogs and other animals all across the world, says the film is a moving and meaningful story for the whole family. My Dog the Champion begins when Madison (Burge), a spoiled city teen, learns that her mother is being deployed to Afghanistan. She is suddenly forced to uproot to the country and live on her grandfather Billy’s (Henriksen) cattle ranch – in the middle of nowhere. Facing the hardships of farm life and her feelings of loneliness, she befriends Scout, the farm’s old and “useless” cattle dog. The new companions quickly form a special bond. And when the family farm becomes threatened, Madison, with some help from Eli (Linley), a teenage dog trainer, trains Scout to be an agility champion and together they compete with the hope of saving their home. Side by side, the determined duo proves the heart of a champion never dies. My Dog the Champion, a story of friendship, love, teamwork, and challenges, is a must-have release for families nationwide. Benjamin, whose organization’s mantra is “No Dog Without A Home” is particularly moved by the movie’s star canine Scout, herself a rescue!

Angelino Recovers From Parvo, Finds Forever Home

Thanks to some help from his friends at American Dog Rescue Foundation and St. Martins Animal Foundation, one sweet little pup named Angelino has recovered from parvo and is settling into his forever home in Pasadena, Calif. Angelino was featured on Good Day LA last week and subsequently adopted. Parvo results in death for approximately 90 percent of dogs diagnosed with it. Aggressive treatment is needed, and ADR was happy to step in and help as always. “Helping individual dogs like Angelino is an important part of the work our organization does,” ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin said. “We will never rest until we are able to make our mottos of ‘no dog without a home’ and ‘no home without a dog’ into reality.”

American Dog Rescue Celebrity Spokesperson Featured in Parade Magazine

Actress Taryn Manning lent her voice to American Dog Rescue’s Moore, Okla. tornado relief fundraising efforts this past spring and discussed that and more during a recent interview with the national Parade magazine. Animal rescue is a cause that is near and dear to the “Orange is the New Black” star, as she counts her own rescue dog Penguin as one of her closest companions. For the full article, click here.  

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