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He’s Been Strong, Now Let’s Help Hercules Relax!

Hercules has had a tough run of luck here lately. He’s been in the shelter since early August, abandoned by his owner at approximately 10 years old. We teamed up with our friend Blake from ResQPet to pull Hercules off of death row, but now we need YOUR help to find him a forever home. No superhuman feats of strength are required to care for this handsome Chow Chow mix with a sweet disposition—just lots of love to share. So please call 888-926-0815 or email [email protected] today if you or someone you know can take him in. Please share with friends and thanks in advance!

You Rescue Me Profile: Mason Provides Joshua With Assistance, Love Companionship

  This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014.   Joshua is now almost 10yrs old. He has NEVER had a day in his life that he has not been attached to a life sustaining tube or equipment. He continues to receive 100% of his daily nutrition via g-tube and takes small snacks by mouth as tolerated. He wears a cochlear implant on his left ear and a hearing aid on his right ear. It’s not ‘normal’ hearing, but it works. He does very well with it, but needed some extra help…enter MASON: the hearing, helping alert dog!   MASON alerts Joshua to many different sounds in a couple of ways. He has been trained to nudge Joshua (or sometimes bark) when I need his attention. This skill can be life-saving in certain situations! MASON also alerts Joshua to environmental sounds that he does not notice on his own by simply being attentive to his surroundings and looking toward noises, which causes Joshua to look in the same direction. This gives Joshua a ‘heads up’ to people, cars, or situations near him.   MASON also does medical alerts for Joshua by alerting to the alarm of his feeding pump. He also alerts mom when Josh needs help in another room. MASON sleeps with Joshua providing a measure of security at night when he cannot wear his hearing devices. He is working on learning to summon help at night. The companionship of this wonderful dog for this special boy cannot ever be overstated!! He is a constant buddy that goes with him just about everywhere including almost everyday clinic appointments, blood draws, and medical testing. MASON is an awesome friend always by his side!! Josh will never again feel alone, or left out because MASON is not only his latest and greatest medical device, but he is his soulmate.    

You Rescue Me Profile: Lannee Sees Again, Heals Lisa’s Heart

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014. This particular entry also is about a very special dog American Dog Rescue helped in 2012. I have always felt the strong desire and drive to nurture, love and help, that always seemed to be my mission in life. When I lost my beloved Romano, a 13 yr old Italian Greyhound who I raised from a pup, I was devastated. My life really revolved around him..he was my shadow, I cared for him, loved him with all the moon and stars and nutured him all through out especially as he aged. When Romano passed I had a huge hole in my heart for years. Then, one day as I was looking at dogs who needed furever homes, I came across Lannee..my love. Lannee was an Italian Greyhound who was rescued from a puppy mill, where she was confined o a small cage and had to eat her feces and drink her urine to survive..she was also blind from cataracts. Instantly I knew we needed each other, probably me more than her, so I could fill that hole in my heart and hold her and love her. Well, I was able to adopt Lannee 2 years ago and she has changed my life. After spending time with Lannee and in spite of all of the horror she had been through in her short life, she was so happy and loving and just a wonderful little girl, I decided she needed to see. She needed to live her life to the fullest, I needed to do that for her! After emailing a number of rescue organizations, American Dog Rescue was the only organization to respond to my pleas to restore Lannee’s eyesight. With the help of American Dog Rescue and many friends who donated to Lannee’s cause, Lannee was able to have cataract surgery! The rest is history….Lannee can see beautifully, and is having the time of her life. I love to see her run around chasing flies or picking up a crumb off the floor! As […]

ADR Helps With Vet Care, Dogs And Cats Now In Need Of Homes

American Dog Rescue Foundation has teamed up with one of its favorite animal charities, St. Martin’s Animal Foundation in Los Angeles, to provided necessary vet care for five puppies and seven kittens the foundation recently rescued. The donation includes check-ups, vaccinations, de-worming and, in some cases, antibiotics for animals in need of them.   These precious animals (shown below) are now in need of loving forever homes. Please let us know via phone (888-926-0815) or email ([email protected]) if you or someone you know can adopt one of these beautiful animals as a great new addition to your family. Also, please share with all your animal-loving friends, particularly in the Los Angeles area. Thanks in advance.   Here is a list of the animals available for adoption:  

“You Rescue Me” Profile: Gentle Great Dane Ramses Inspires Founding of New Rescue Organization

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014. This particular entry finished in the top 5 in our Facebook fan voting. Ramses is my inspiration behind our current rescue organization. Ramses was adopted from the local SPCA. We were searching for our second dog, and this huge boy was emaciated, filthy, dull-coated and defeated and would not come out of the back of the kennel. Luckily, I managed to convince one of the kennel attendants to let me into his run and sat patiently until he came and rested his head against my chest. He came home with us as soon as they would release him. Ramses was our second Dane rescue dog, and was one of those dogs that has an “old soul”. There was just something special about him. He was a gentle soul who welcomed humans and dogs alike into our home. Once we adopted Ramses, we began getting involved in helping out with a local breed rescue in our area. We fostered several dogs and I made several transport runs from NC to NY to pick up dogs from ACC. I knew we were making a difference, but there was something missing. Just under 2 years ago, we decided to form our own all breed rescue. I know that Ramses was the start and the heart of why I formed Fur-Ever Home Rescue. We lost him to cancer about 2 weeks before we pulled our first dog from a shelter. Since that time, we’ve helped over 200 dogs find their fur-ever homes and I know my boy is smiling from The Rainbow Bridge, knowing he inspired us to help others.

“You Rescue Me” Profile: Shaure’ Provides Love, Clarity Of Purpose

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014.    My Beloved Sassy Lizzie Shaure’ – now at The Rainbow Bridge. Shaure’ (a Brittany) was the very first Rescue Dog I adopted. Up until I adopted her, I was not really sure what my purpose on this earth was. She taught me that my purpose was to help other dogs – like her – that were ‘unwanted.’ I am now committed to helping needy Rescue Dogs. I help share information, transport, pull from shelters, foster, conduct telephone interviews of potential adopters, and do home visits of potential adopters – all for these precious babies – and all because my Beloved Shaure’ pointed me in the direction I was meant to travel in this life. She truly rescued me and I will love and miss her until the day we are reunited at The Rainbow Bridge.

ADR, Benjamin Fund Second PAWS2HELP Clinic in Palm Beach County

Jupiter, FL – July 21, 2014 – PAWS2HELP, a privately-run, not-for-profit veterinary clinic which has struggled to add locations since its establishment will soon open its second facility in Jupiter.  The original PAWS2HELP location was founded in West Palm Beach by Eve Van Engel nearly 20 years ago as a means to provide high-quality, low-cost care for animals in need.  After a number of temporary locations, the organization, which has outgrown a 12,500 sq. ft. facility at 2061 Indian Road, West Palm Beach, will soon start seeing “patients” at its new Jupiter facility in the Seagrape Plaza, E. Indian Town Road. “Thanks to the efforts of long-time PAWS2HELP supporter and nationally recognized animal advocate, Arthur Benjamin, we are able to open this second facility and continue to provide affordable care to anyone with an animal in need,” said Ms. Van Engel. “Arthur, who has provided financial support for our organization without recognition, needs to be acknowledged for his efforts in helping get this new facility off the ground and creating awareness of the need for such clinics not only in South Florida but nationwide and to that end he is interested in helping establish a third clinic in the very near future.” Benjamin, a noted philanthropist, is the founder of American Dog Rescue www.americandogrescue.org, which provides homes for abandoned pets, bringing home our canine heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan, saving and expanding animal shelters, closing down puppy mills and other activities with the best interests of animals in mind. Like the West Palm facility, the new Jupiter PAWS2HELP location will provide a full suite of veterinary services at highly reduced prices.  For example, a surgery that might cost $3,000 at a private veterinary facility would cost approximately one-thousand at PAWS 2 HELP. It’s like treating three pets for the price of one. “Clearly our goal is not to compete with private veterinary practices,” stressed Ms. Van Engel. “Statistics show that 90 percent of the people who use a vet, love their vet and the convenience of location and special treatment they receive.  Visitors to PAWS2HELP need to understand they will most […]

HSUS Celebrates 60 Years; Benjamin & American Dog Rescue Foundation Make an HSI Animal Advocacy Office in Vietnam A Reality

The Humane Society of the United States celebrated its 60th anniversary with a gala event June 28 in Washington, D.C. Actor Ben Stein hosted the event, which was also attended by HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, “Walking Dead” actor Jon Bernthal and American Dog Rescue founder Arthur E. Benjamin. The event raised more than $500,000 for animal causes, including a donation from ADR and Benjamin that provided all necessary funds to open a Humane Society International office in Vietnam. The event also marked Pacelle’s 10th anniversary as CEO of HSUS, the premiere organization for effecting positive change for animals throughout the United States. “The Humane Society of the United States does everything effectively,” Benjamin said. “To be able to fund the HSI office in Vietnam is a dream come true for me, as I know the newly established office will do much in the to region to help save rhinos and stem consumption of dog meat, which has long been part of the local diet.”

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