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Puppy Mill Busted: ADR Sponsors “Operation Liberty Dogs” in D.C. Area, Rescuing More Than 100 Dogs

Hope was restored to approximately 120 dogs and four parrots this week, as American Dog Rescue Foundation and Animal Rescue Corps joined forces to raid the puppy mill that had caused these animals so much pain. Moms and babies of assorted small breeds were kept in living deplorable conditions, including being stuck in the heat in tiny, filthy cages without proper access to food and water. The animals won’t have to suffer any longer, and will have their opportunity to be adopted to loving families. “I’m always proud to team up with Scotlund Haisley and Animal Rescue Corps to support the great work the do,” ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin said. “It’s particularly gratifying when we can contribute to shutting down a shameful operation such as this one. We won’t rest until puppy mills are shut down nationwide.” Read more about the rescue in the full news release on Animal Rescue Corps’ blog here. “Animals have been suffering from various untreated illnesses on this property for an extended period of time. The conditions were very typical of a puppy mill where animals are treated as nothing more than breeding machines,” ARC President Scotlund Haisley said. “A lot of suffering ended here today and I commend Page County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control, and County Attorney for acting quickly and working with Animal Rescue Corps to save these lives.” For more coverage of this massive rescue effort, check out local news station NBC Washington’s story here.

“You Rescue Me” Profile: Caylie Helps Jack, Make Him Feel Safe

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014. This particular entry won second prize, a 0 donation to paws4people / paws4vets. Hi! My name is Jack and I want to tell you about my dog Caylie. When I was really little, a mean woman shook me and hurt my brain. I could no longer walk or talk and I was very sad. I found a new family though and have lots of safe love now. When I was about six, my Mom and Dad heard about paws4people from a friend at church. They applied for a service dog to help me and I got one! My sweet Caylie has been with us for four years now and she rescued me big time! With her help and love, I can go anywhere and talk to people and always feel safe. I’m the kid with the cool dog and we rock! Thanks paws4people. I love you!

Arthur E. Benjamin and American Dog Rescue Foundation Launch New “America’s Best Tails” TV Mini-Show, Airing Thursdays in Primetime

American Dog Rescue Foundation founder Arthur E. Benjamin and co-host / ADR “Chief Canine Officer” Bandit are taking their act to primetime. The canine-loving duo  has been hosting “For the Love of Dogs” TV show in the Dallas area for more than two years. They’re now proud to announce they’re teaming up on a new primetime mini-show, “America’s Best Tails.” The three-minute weekly show will air every Thursday at 7:57 p.m. on KTXA TV 21 in Dallas, beginning tonight. American Dog Rescue supporters outside the DFW area can catch the new YouTube version every week on the show’s brand new website: AmericasBestTails.com The weekly magazine-format show focuses on canine causes, news and features. It also features interviews with leaders in the dog welfare community, the latest products for dogs, new animal shelters around the country, footage from dog rescues and special guest dogs. To learn more, as well as view recent and archived episodes online, please visit http://americasbesttails.com. American Dog Rescue Foundation (www.americandogrescue.org) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue is committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue places healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. Donations can be made by visiting www.americandogrescue.org/donate or calling 888-926-0815. KTXA TV 21 is a CBS affiliate with local news and weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It has one of the largest local audiences in the market, thereby allowing ADR to reach even more dog lovers in primetime.

“You Rescue Me” Profile: Cara Teaches Christine About Unconditional Love

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014. This particular entry won first prize, a 00 donation to Ruff Start Rescue. It started with a phone call and 4 words: “I know this dog.” This beautiful unloved, unappreciated dog had already been abused and dumped by the time she was five months old. I spent years working through her behavior issues and teaching her to love and trust again. What I didn’t realize was that through all of my work with her she was teaching me how to love and trust again too. Cara was with me through a rough divorce, saw me struggle through but succeed through school and was my rock when I had a rough day at the hospital. Even when she was diagnosed with a life ending cancer and given a month to live she rescued me from the tough decision of when to let her go when she climbed in my lap on mother’s day 2010 and said her final goodbye.  It ended with “I know this dog” I know this dog was the light of my life that showed me to never give up and no matter what is thrown at you in life you can always lean on unconditional love.

ADR-Sponsored “Wags to Wishes” Event Features Jill Rappaport as Keynote Speaker

The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation (AEBF) and American Dog Rescue (ADR), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Sundays Hunt are proud to present the second annual “Wags To Wishes” gala, featuring keynote speaker Jill Rappaport and benefitting the Humane Society of Utah (HSU), in Salt Lake City June 7. Ms. Hunt has dedicated much of her life to animal rescue in Utah and beyond, and currently serves as the Utah State Director for HSUS. Ms. Rappaport is an NBC news reporter and Today Show correspondent, also well known for her work as an animal advocate. ”Good Day Utah” personalities Kerri Cronk and Dan Evans will serve as MCs for the gala, which will be held at The Garden Place, 2601 E. Sunnyside Ave. All proceeds of the event will directly benefit the animals HSU serves, including food, shelter, medication, vaccines, sterilization surgeries, humane education and investigations of animal cruelty and abuse. “The Humane Society of Utah is a top-notch organization doing important animal rescue work every day,” Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of AEBF and ADR, says. “I’m pleased to be joined by HSUS and Sundays Hunt in supporting this event that will raise critical funds to further their important mission.” For more information on this event, or to register to attend, please click here.

“You Rescue Me” Profile: Dakota Protects and Comforts

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014. This particular entry won third prize, a 0 donation to HELP Humane Society in Belton, Missouri. Dakota came into my life from a rescue organization, to live with me and three cats. I have worked most of my adult life for a home of my own and once here, had it broken into twice within a year, once when I was home. I became afraid to come home at night, and was in fear of giving up my home. Dakota changed all that, and now we all live in peace and comfort knowing he (and his rescued sister) are always on the job.

Vote For Bandit In The 2014 Hero Dog Awards!

American Dog Rescue founder Arthur E. Benjamin’s favorite sidekick is ready to step into the national spotlight as the hero dog he is. But, we need your help! Please click here to visit the Hero Dog Awards voting site and vote for Bandit ONCE EACH DAY from now until June 6. If Bandit finishes top 3 in his category of “Emerging Hero Dogs,” he will become a semifinalist. Here’s more from Arthur about all the ways Bandit is his hero: Bandit is first an ordinary dog with extraordinary story and the canine talent of unconditional love of a human, me. Bandit is also a rescue dog. When I first heard about him, he was slated for a wheel-chair for life at Tsu Zoo Rescue of Plano, TX, having been born with back legs at birth that just didn’t work, a lack of function from poor-breeding. I took him on as part if my work saving dogs at American Dog Rescue and we transported him to Texas A & M Veterinary College for juvenile diagnosis. We discovered that he could be rehabbed and he was, regaining use of his rear legs and progressing in his name from “Scooter” to “Tiny Tim” to “Bandit” as he learned to walk, run and play. Little did I know God’s plan for Bandit & myself. In my work with paws4people and paws4vets as their advisory board chair, I learned about my own need for a service dog like Bandit (as a result of 24/7 vigilance for three plus years with my late wife as she passed away from an aggressive and very destructive breast cancer).Strangely no one would adopt him as cute as he was. We went four months looking for a home but no takers… so I began to train him as a service dog for PTSD or MST disorder, hoping to give him to a veteran who deserved this little fellow… but he was small and no one really wanted him; they wanted bigger dogs like labs and goldens. He became my constant companion and bonded with me. So, Bandit is now also […]

Join American Dog Rescue In Helping Save Big Red

Big Red, the great-looking (and very friendly) Chow Chow shown above, is getting a much-deserved second chance, but we need your help to make his happy ending possible. Our friend Blake of ResQPet does amazing work on the front lines saving dogs like on a daily basis, but he needs more funds to help cover the costs of pulling this great dog from the shelter, transport, veterinary care and more. American Dog Rescue has stepped up to contribute a portion of the funds needed for Big Red—please join us by visiting our donations page, making a donation and typing “Big Red” in the optional comments box. Or, if you’re interested in fostering or adopting Big Red, please give us a call at 888-926-0815. Thank you in advance for your generosity. If we all work together saving one dog at a time, we can one day accomplish our mission of “No Dog Without A Home.”

American Dog Rescue Helps Sophia Live The Rest Of Her Life Comfortably

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her sweet face, but Sophia has had a rough life. As a black Pit Bull, she faced the longest odds of being permanently adopted and therefore spent most of her days in various animal shelters. She currently lives in a foster situation with other senior dogs, but recently needed some additional medical care after being diagnosed with an intestinal disorder. American Dog Rescue was proud to chip in and help this sweet girl live in comfort for the rest of her life, expected to be a maximum of only six more months (she’s 14 years old). This is just one example of the thousands of dogs we’ve helped through partners like, in this case, St. Martin’s Animal Foundation. If you’d like to join us in saving and enriching the lives of companion animals please visit our donations page to make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution. Together we can end the suffering of these animals and accomplish our mission of “No Dog Without A Home.”

Rehabilitated From Humble Beginnings, Pansy Still Needs Your Help

It’s difficult to believe the two pictures above are even of the same dog—the first one taken when Pansy was found in a Tustin, California dumpster at just three or four months old and the second much more recently. Pansy was pulled from a shelter just last month by our friend Blake and his organization, ResQPet, in order to save her from being euthanized. What Pansy needs now are two things: 1. Additional funds for her medical treatment and 2. A forever home or at least a temporary foster. If you can help with either, please visit our donations page [link] and note that your donation is for Pansy in the optional “comments” field, call us toll-free at or get ahold of us via Facebook or Twitter.

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