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Dog of Best-Selling Author Dennis Lehane Goes Missing, American Dog Rescue Foundation Brings Awareness to Search

Arthur E. Benjamin, inspired by an urgent plea from best-selling Author Dennis Lehane, will assist in the search for beloved furry family member, Tessa BROOKLINE, MA (January 8, 2013) – Arthur E. Benjamin, Founder of the American Dog Rescue Foundation, inspired by the heartfelt plea from best-selling author Dennis Lehane, will assist in the search for beloved furry family member, “Tessa.” Missing since Christmas Eve, Benjamin is launching an all-out search via social media, a database of thousands by email outreach, local shelters, and fellow animal lovers across the country to help find Tessa Lehane. The plot kicked off December 24, 2012, when Lehane, a 47-year-old author of books including “Mystic River” and “Gone, Baby, Gone,” discovered rescue Beagle Tessa had escaped from his yard after an outdoor gate latch did not completely lock. Lehane and his wife adopted the 4-year-old beagle not long ago from South East Beagle Rescue in Florida. Before that, Tessa was a stray in Georgia. With the help of American Dog Rescue Foundation’s bandwidth, including website, respective Facebook pages and other media outlets, Benjamin hopes to bring resolution to the weeks of mystery and worry brought to Mr. and Mrs. Lehane over their missing pet. The crime novelist is offering a monetary reward, and has agreed to name a character in his next book after whoever finds Tessa. “I extend my heartfelt thanks to Arthur and the American Dog Rescue Foundation,” said best-selling author Dennis Lehane. Arthur E. Benjamin is a well-known activist, who is involved with several dog rescue and placement organizations, including Nowzad Dogs, the first and only animal rescue organization serving the dogs and cats of Afghanistan. Named “Operation Homeward Bound,” Benjamin has orchestrated efforts between soldiers from the Michigan Army Reserve, Nowzad, and his American Dog Rescue to relocate dogs from the Middle East to the U.S. Benjamin’s American Dog Rescue Foundation is also committed to stopping the illegal meat trade in Thailand, which began with a puppy named “Sea Lion.” Benjamin partnered with the Education and Animal Rescue Society (EARS) in Dallas, Texas, and luckily found a foster willing […]

American Dog Rescue Foundation Shines Once Again at the Humane Society of the United States “To The Recue! Gala” in New York City

NEW YORK, NY (December 20, 2012) – American Dog Rescue Foundation contributed to and helped raise more than ,500,000 for The HSUS Animal Rescue Team on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 during The Humane Society’s To the Rescue! Gala, held at Cipriani in New York City. Worldwide executive, philanthropist, founder of the American Dog Rescue Foundation and National Council Member of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Arthur E. Benjamin is a major, recognized supporter spearheading various animal related endeavors all over the world. Additional guests and animal lovers in attendance included Gala Co-Chairs Amanda Hearst, Annie Churchill and Georgina Bloomberg; HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle; Actress Rose McGowan; NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Artist Colbie Calait; Ellen DeGeneres; and many more charitable people, all coming together to support a wonderful cause. According to Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, “Arthur Benjamin is the sort of person who emerges on the scene, and has an electric effect on an organization and its donors. Arthur has jump started our disaster response efforts in Haiti, our national campaign to crack down on puppy mills, and our global campaign to end Canada’s slaughter of baby seals. We are a different, better, more effective organization because of his involvement and leadership philanthropy.” Earlier this year Benjamin donated ,000 toward the completion of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) national rescue vehicle which saves thousands of dogs each year. Ready to respond at a moment’s notice, the HSUS Animal Rescue Team assists law enforcement agencies with investigation, evidence collection, and animal seizure as well to coordinate animal care, sheltering, and relocation. To help support American Dog Rescue please visit American Dog Rescue Foundation (ADRF) ADRF is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501©(3) organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. ADRF is committed to placing healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. Donations can be made by visiting or calling (801) 944-3023. The Humane Society of the United States […]

Thai “Soi Dog” Becomes an Emblem for International Animal Welfare

DALLAS, DECEMBER 18, 2012: A Thai puppy destined to become another victim of the illegal dog meat trade has become an international ambassador for suffering dogs worldwide thanks to the American Dog Rescue Foundation in Dallas working to enable a collective effort of animal advocacy groups in three cities across the globe. On December 20, Nam Mow, otherwise known as “Sea Lion” will begin his long journey from Bangkok, Thailand, to his forever home in Melbourne, Australia, via a six-month stay in an EARS (Education and Animal Rescue Society) foster home in Dallas, U.S.A. Sea Lion will arrive in Dallas, TX, in time for the holidays on December 21, 2012. Sea Lion, named for the gait of his walk having been born in Thailand with deformities in his legs, was one of two surviving puppies to a mother who was stolen, crushed in a chicken crate with countless other dogs and suffered a severe lack of nutrition. Plucked from a certain death by the Thai rescue group Soi Dog Foundation, a mother of two in Australia, Ellie Harris, wanted to support the incredible work of the Soi Dogs and on visiting their Bangkok shelter had an instant connection with Sea Lion and vowed to take him home to Australia. In battling the Australian quarantine laws, Harris spent weeks contacting foster homes across the world to see if they would help her. Philanthropist and founder of American Dog Rescue, Arthur E. Benjamin, heard about her quest and immediately agreed to find Sea Lion a home in the United States. Partnering with EARS, Benjamin found a foster in Dallas willing to take Sea Lion for his six months of quarantine. “The story of Sea Lion shows the great lengths to which people will go, to save the lives of animals,” said Benjamin. “When animal welfare groups on three continents come together to rescue one animal it speaks volumes about the power of the international community working as one. Sea Lion is one of the lucky ones, but if his story can help raise awareness of the desperate need to cull the barbaric […]

The Humane Society of the United States Assists in Rescue of More Than 80 Animals from North Carolina Hoarder

ROUGEMONT, N.C. (Sept. 25, 2012) – The Humane Society of the United States and area organizations were called in by Person County Animal Control to assist in the rescue of more than 80 animals from a Rougemont, N.C., property. The Person County Sheriff’s Office served a search and seizure warrant on the property and found 39 horses and nearly 70 small-breed dogs, cats and birds being housed in squalid conditions. Read the full news release here.

Animal Rescue Corps Completes Back-to-Back Lifesaving Missions with Help from Philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin and American Dog Rescue Foundations contributes to emergency animal rescue missions across North America Delray Beach, FL (June 25, 2012) – Arthur E. Benjamin and American Dog Rescue Foundations contributed to the rescue of 16 animals from dismal living conditions at a puppy mill located in the Arizona desert and salvaging 20 large, mixed-breed dogs from a hoarding situation in an apartment in Longueuil, a suburb of Montréal all in a matter of days. “Assisting ARC in this rescue is a no-brainer for me. I feel obligated to help the organization travel cross-country for these back-to-back rescue missions to ensure these animals find safe homes,” says Benjamin. “It is compelling to see how many lives this initiative has changed in a mere ten days.” The Canadian dogs will immediately be transported to the following placement partners: East Coast German Shepherd Rescue in Nova Scotia; Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, New Beginnings Pet Rescue, and Hopeful Hearts in Ontario; Jersey Shore Animal Center in New Jersey; and the Humane Society of Berks County in Pennsylvania. “ARC will have traveled more than 3,000 miles before these back-to-back rescues are complete. We were in Arizona when we received the call from Canada to help and we didn’t hesitate to jump on board,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “These sweet dogs have been living in cramped quarters without individualized attention for far too long. Some have unaddressed medical conditions. Today they start their new lives and will immediately get the care they need and soon be loved family members.” On May 27, while investigating a separate cruelty report in Arizona, ARC responded to an immediate opportunity to rescue 15 dogs and one rabbit from a dilapidated Bullmastiff puppy mill located outside of Safford, AZ, about two hours northeast of Tucson. Acting quickly, Haisley and his team of volunteers gathered the necessary equipment and supplies and drove from Texas to Arizona to set up a temporary shelter to house the animals until they were transported to placement partners in Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana where they will soon be available for adoption. […]

ADR Foundation Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Named Chairman of the paws4people Advisory Board

Placed in the middle of one of the nation’s biggest and most timely problems, Benjamin searches for resolution DELRAY BEACH, FL (April 12, 2012) – Delray Beach executive and philanthropist, Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue Foundation, has recently been named Chairman of the Advisory Board for paws4people, along with its subsidiaries paws4vets, paws4prisons and paws4firstresponders. Through his new position, Benjamin hopes to continue to change families’ lives forever, and in the process, build the standards all such organizations can follow to solve three of our nation’s greatest problems by providing: service dog companionship for disabled veterans returning to the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan, and for disabled youth under 14, a low-cost supply of service dogs for disabled youth & veterans, and a low-cost way out of overcrowding the nation’s prisons, which keeps the cost of incarceration down and helps our economy. American Dog Rescue Foundation is grateful to a 12-year-old, Kyria Henry, and her disabled Vietnam veteran dad, Terry Henry, for starting paws4people and sticking to it for the past twelve years. Thus far, the organization has trained and delivered more than 200 service dogs to qualified and needy recipients. A leading organization in service dog training for those who need help to deal with physical and psychological disabilities, paws4people with the help of Benjamin, plans to increase assistance to our more than 600,000 vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and MST disorders in the next 5 years. paws4people delivers a unique combination of positive benefits to all those it serves. Utilizing dogs bred for service, as well as rescues and donated dogs that qualify, paws4 organizations provide companion and service dogs for disabled youth under 14 years of age and disabled veterans. Dogs are started on the path to service being raised and trained to perform over 100 commands in five state and federal correctional facilities by inmates who qualify for the in-demand program. The dogs may be transferred in their training to two or more of these facilities. Inmates accepted into this unique program are committed to contribute the highest levels of training. […]

American Dog Rescue Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Says “Stop the Seal Hunt!” in Advance of April 12 Hunt

National animal advocate produces graphic video of Newfoundland seal hunt to express public outrage over clubbing of baby seals. DALLAS, APRIL 5, 2012:  American Dog Rescue founder and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin has issued an urgent plea to Canadian government officials, on behalf of outraged people worldwide, to stop the cruel slaughter of seal pups that occurs off Newfoundland, Canada, each year—and is set to happen April 12, 2012.  In March, Benjamin and TV producer and actress Farah White teamed with the Humane Society of the United States to film the baby seals first hand. Benjamin and White have produced—and just released—a 60-second public service announcement (PSA) called “Stop the Seal Hunt” to let millions of people view the harsh reality of this barbaric practice.  “Once you see the PSA, you’ll find yourself thinking as I did, ‘This has got to stop!’ Farah and I flew into the arctic sea—where you can barely land a helicopter—to get a sense of these amazing creatures in their natural habitat,” said Benjamin. “It’s one thing to hear about these atrocities and quite another to witness them. The PSA captures both the beauty and gentle nature of these defenseless creatures, as well as the devastating massacre carried out in the name of fashion. Thirty-three countries around the world have banned their trade in seal products–it’s time to stop the hunt, now.” The new PSA invites viewers to visit the special website Benjamin has established to empower members of the public to bring the slaughter of baby seals—merely for their furs—to an end.  Visitors to the site will find a variety of action steps, including: signing the Humane Society of United States petition, joining the boycott of Canadian seafood, downloading a “Protect Seals” app for iPhone, and donating to End the Hunt alongside  American Dog Rescue. Benjamin has pledged to match a portion of all funds donated via the foundation’s website at MORE ON CANDIAN SEAL HUNTING In most countries, buying and selling seal fur is a felony, meaning there is no longer a legitimate market for seal products. However, during the last 10 years, […]

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle Urges Backers to View “For the Love of Dogs,” Save Seals

On Friday, Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle posted on his well-read blog an urgent plea to HSUS supporters, urging donations for the important cause of ending the barbaric Canadian seal hunt. American Dog Rescue founder Arthur E. Benjamin recently made a trip to visit these precious creatures and discussed the life-changing trip in episode six of his television show "For the Love of Dogs" with co-host Farah White. Mr. Pacelle suggested viewing the show's latest episode for more information about saving these innocent animals from this savage practice. We encourage you to support this important cause as well. You can donate by clicking here and selecting "Save the Seals" from the dropdown menu.

Giving is Better Than Receiving on Your Birthday

    American Dog Rescue encourages support for Paws2Help to carry on the birthday message of giving back. WEST PALM BEACH, FL (March 23, 2012) – American Dog Rescue Founder, South Florida Entrepreneur and Animal Advocate Arthur E. Benjamin proudly celebrates his birthday with Paws2Help, a low-cost veterinary center, to kick off the “Giving is Better Than Receiving on Your Birthday” Promotion on March 31 in the Lake Worth community and April 1 in the Lake Park community from 2-6 p.m. Instead of receiving gifts this year, Benjamin is hoping to start a movement with Paws2Help to encourage support from the Palm Beach community and to carry on the birthday message of giving back. “Hundreds of animals suffer daily due to lack of basic necessary medical care due to the financial situation their owners happen to find themselves in; no animal should be denied health care for their good and that of our community.” said Benjamin. These free clinics will be open to any persons receiving public assistance who are unemployed or complying to animal care and control citations. A Florida licensed veterinary doctor is on site to provide free pet care to all furry friends in the Greater Palm Beach community who need medical examinations. “We are honored that American Dog Rescue has become a platform of sponsorship, bringing awareness to the void of pet care to families who need it,” says Eve Van Engel, Founder of Paws2Help. “Many animals are never taken to a veterinarian due to their owners being unable to afford the medical fees. Mr. Benjamin has been extremely gracious to assist us in gaining support of free clinics in years to come.” Paws2Help is a low-cost veterinary clinic that provides veterinary services to families that could otherwise not afford critical health care to their dogs and cats. The two clinics sponsored by American Dog Rescue to begin this event will provide basic medical advice, medications, and various treatments for family pets including minor skin wounds, ear infections, eye infections, and internal parasites, coughing and sneezing. Additional support will allow the clinics to continue to serve the […]

American Dog Rescue Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Remembers a True Animal Rights Crusader at the Tri-County Humane Society’s 10th Annual Doggie Ball

BOCA RATON, FL (March 22, 2012) – Delray Beach executive and philanthropist Arthur Benjamin’s non-profit organization, American Dog Rescue (ADR), took time out of a taxing international schedule, which includes major efforts to end the Harp Seal Hunt in Canada, to remember a dear friend, local animal lover and advocate.  Benjamin traveled back from the Arctic Circle where he was taping a television program filmed on the 100 miles of icy Gulf of St. Lawrence to serve as one of the principle sponsors at the Tri County Humane Society’s 10th Annual Doggie Ball fundraiser on March 18. The Doggie Ball co-founder of more than 12 years, Jeannette Christos, passed away last July.  Benjamin praised the longtime executive director of Tri-County and remembered her as the woman who took over the shelter from the city of Boca Raton 12 years ago and converted it into a “no-kill” facility that found adoptive homes or provided one for thousands of unwanted and discarded pets. Many of them were abused and neglected, or too old for other shelters. “Tri-County’s geriatric room was one of Jeanette’s special creations”, said Benjamin. Though briefly memorialized at the event which left many disappointed, Benjamin and many more attended the event and donated in celebration of Christos’ life’s work. A true supporter of the Tri County Humane Society, Benjamin has devoted his life to saving abused and abandoned animals from deplorable conditions, and supports Tri-County’s mission each and every day, through the mission of American Dog Rescue. According to Benjamin, “It is our privilege and honor to have sponsored such a great event that delivers on the mission of American Dog Rescue, ‘No Healthy Dog Without a Home.’ Jeannette Christos was my friend, a mentor to many including to me, a leader, a patron to all animals and a saint!” The evening was accompanied by cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dinner and a live and silent auction. American Dog Rescue contributed the very first live auction items, two signed guitars, one by Paul McCartney, which raised thousands for the cause. All proceeds raised from the event benefit the supply of food, […]

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