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American Dog Rescue Helps Reunite Soldiers with Dogs of War – Exclusive Footage from JFK Airport

  On November 16, 2011, American Dog Rescue helped reunite 14 dogs of war with their military hero best friends. Here’s an inside look at the event, including interview footage with soldiers and the key players who helped make it all happen. Please feel free to share this moving story with your friends and family!

American Businesses Support the Work of Nowzad Dogs, Reuniting Servicemen and Women with the Dogs They Befriended While Deployed Overseas

  NEW YORK, NY (November 16, 2011) Arthur Benjamin, executive, philanthropist and founder of American Dog Rescue (ADR); Cathy Kangas, CEO and Founder of PRAI Beauty in New Canaan, CT; and American Airlines have joined forces to help Nowzad Dogs, the first and only animal rescue organization serving the dogs and cats of Afghanistan. Nowzad Dogs’ chief mission is to bring back to the U.S. the dogs and cats that brought comfort and support to soldiers in Afghanistan so they can live with their owners. Since 2009, Nowzad Dogs has transported more than 250 dogs to the United States, Canada and the UK. The organization was started by Pen Farthing, a former British Royal Marine who served in Afghanistan and witnessed firsthand the extraordinary bond forged between soldiers and the dogs they befriended. Today, American Airlines announced that it is assisting Nowzad Dogs American Dog Rescue and PRAI Beauty with reuniting soldiers with the dogs they cared for while on military duty. The announcement was made at JFK where the soldiers were united with their dogs. (See attached list of soldiers, their hometowns and the name of the dogs.) “Bringing their pets home to them from overseas is an important way to recognize the sacrifices made by our soldiers, and American Airlines is glad to be able to help make it happen,” said Captain Steve Blankenship, Managing Director – Veterans Initiatives for American Airlines. The nonprofit organization, American Dog Rescue, was founded by Arthur Benjamin in 2009 as an all-volunteer group for which he underwrites all administrative costs. Because Nowzad Dog is not a recognized 501(c)3 in the United States, ADR contributes donations designated for Nowzad on the American Dog Rescue website for its work, adding those to its own support of Nowzad Dogs as a partner organization. Donations can be made by going to or calling 888-262-4753. Arthur Benjamin is passionate about animals and has worked tirelessly to save and expand animal shelters, rescuing abandoned pets in the aftermath of the disasters in Haiti and New Orleans, and closing down puppy mills nationwide. American Dog Rescue, his philanthropic organization […]

American Dog Rescue Helps Reunite Soldiers and Dogs of War

NEW YORK, NY (November 16, 2011) Arthur E. Benjamin, Founder of American Dog Rescue, is helping reunite veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with the four-legged best friends they helped care for while deployed. Today, Arthur made the rounds in New York City, beginning with an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” morning show. He then witnessed the emotional reunions of soldiers with their pets – including 14 dogs and one cat – at JFK Airport. For more on this story, please see the YouTube video embedded below, as well as the Fox & Friends website.

American Dog Rescue Helps Chrissy Get Back on Her Feet

Abused, injured and abandoned, Chrissy was in desperate need of some helpful humans. Though the cause of her injuries still isn’t known, their severity was clear: Chrissy needed extensive surgery to repair two pelvic fractures, two fractured and displaced femurs and two displaced knees. After being rescued by members of the Choctaw Indian tribe who loved her dearly but didn’t have the resources to properly nurse her back to health, Chrissy was taken in by the Humane Society of South Mississippi. HSSM staff took to Chrissy instantly as well, leading them to locate a veterinarian who would perform all of Chrissy’s surgery for the discounted rate of $3,000 and begin pleading their case to the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS agreed to pay for half of the expenses, and reached out to national council member Arthur E. Benjamin to see if he would be willing to pay the other half with a contribution through American Dog Rescue. Arthur agreed, and thanks to the contributions by ADR and HSUS Chrissy is currently recovering at HSSM. We’ll provide future updates when this little angel finds a foster and/or forever home.  

Arthur Benjamin Helps Boy’s Dog Following Shooting by Neighbor

Crazy truly is the best friend of young Pablo Hernandez of West Palm Beach, Fla. When American Dog Rescue founder Arthur E. Benjamin heard the tragic news that Crazy had been shot by a neighbor, he didn’t waste any time offering his help. See Fox 29’s coverage here, as American Dog Rescue pursues the goal of helping “one dog at a time.”

American Dog Rescue to Assist in Raising Funds Toward Rescue and Relocation Of More Than 500 Abandoned Dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq with Pen Farthing

NEW YORK, NY (October 13, 2011) – When Arthur E. Benjamin was introduced to Pen Farthing (pictured with Benjamin, at left) by Cathy Kangas of PRAI Beauty at The Humane Society of the United States “To the Rescue!” Gala in New York City on October 5, 2011 (where Benjamin helped HSUS raise more than million) they joined forces through Benjamin’s non-profit organization, American Dog Rescue, to increase efforts and funds towards Nowzad Dogs in the initiative to rescue abandoned dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq. Farthing, a former Royal Marine, started saving support dogs of military personnel in Afghanistan and developed the first, and only, dog rescue organization now serving Afghanistan’s dogs, Nowzad Dogs, a British tax-exempt organization that has saved hundreds of dogs to date. Through Nowzad’s work, neglected and undernourished dogs are relocated to western countries where they can find the love, care, and attention they deserve. No man should be left behind and no dog should be left behind either. The life of Afghan and Iraqi animals is not one of comfort even at the best of times; most of the day is spent hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the hot desert sun during the summer, or the freezing cold of a desert winter night. There is definitely no pampered pet status in Afghanistan or Iraq. For some of the many stray dogs in the Middle East they now have a guardian for the first time in their lives. Further, dogs that serve our troops as emotional support animals and become socialized in this effort deserve to earn their stripes in the form of new homes. They cannot be left behind to return to a homeless feral life. They will not survive. To donate to help support the rescue and relocation efforts of Nowzad Dogs in conjunction with American Dog Rescue, please visit American Dog Rescue (ADR) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue is committed to placing healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for […]

Help Support Nowzad dogs

  The life of Afghan and Iraqi animals is not one of comfort at the best of times; most of the day is spent hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the hot desert sun during the summer or the freezing cold of a desert winter night. There is definitely no pampered pet status in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Nowzad Dogs charity has been formed to do something positive for the cats, dogs and other animals of Afghanistan and Iraq that have no hope and nobody to care for them. We realize we cannot transport all of the stray dogs of Afghanistan and Iraq to loving homes, but we will do our best to promote animal welfare and to assist in vital animal aid work that is so desperately needed in Afghanistan and Iraq.     All money donated goes directly to helping the animals. Please help us support the first animal rescue in Afghanistan and Iraq. No amount is too small and we appreciate your support! Click here to donate now

Philanthropist and Animal Welfare Activist Helps Raise $1,000,000 for the Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team at the HSUS To the Rescue! Gala

NEW YORK, NY (October 7, 2011) – Philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue, contributed to and helped raise more than ,000,000 for The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 during The Humane Society’s To the Rescue! Gala, held at Cipriani in New York City. The star-studded event was all for the animals, and Benjamin was the one to really shine, serving as a top tier sponsor and bidding big during the live auction. With a heart bigger than his body, he stepped up to the plate, as always, with a heartfelt contribution to help save the animals, a mission near and dear to his heart. As founder of American Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of “No Healthy Dog Without A Home” Benjamin is a major, recognized supporter of HSUS, a role he clearly lived up to at the Gala. In addition to his ,000 sponsorship support of the event, Benjamin bid on the ,000 live auction item of a Dog Rescue, the funds from which will save 100 animals. Additionally, he contributed to the Rescue Van bidding during the live auction, donating another ,000. He was also able to get Cathy Kangas of PRAI Cosmetics to match his Dog Rescue bid, raising an additional ,000 for The HSUS Animal Rescue Team and helping to save 100 more animals. Benjamin was in good company, seated at a premiere table with HSUS Animal Cruelty Rescue and Response Team Director Ann Chynoweth, along with NBC Today Show Anchor Matt Lauer and Correspondent Jill Rappaport, whom he bonded with over their animal welfare foundations. Rappaport founded the Jack and Jill Fund for animal cancer in honor of her beloved dog Jack, who passed away from bone cancer. Benjamin has a similar story, having founded American Dog Rescue in honor of his beloved five pound poodle Buddy, a rescue dog who inspired him to start the foundation and who unfortunately passed away this year. Rappaport was honored at the event with the Voice for the Animals award for her dedication […]

Arthur E. Benjamin and NFL Superstar Marshall Faulk Create a “Winning Team” to Raise Money to Support Animal Victims from the Joplin Tornado

JOPLIN, MO (August 23, 2011) – Arthur E. Benjamin and Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk are doing their part to help animals after the recent devastating tornado in Joplin, MO. To join their winning team, visit and "like" the page. For every like up to 10,000, $1 will be donated to the Humane Society of Missouri – that's up to $10,000 total for our furry, four-legged friends in Joplin. With your help, we can score a touchdown for Joplin pets! American Dog Rescue (ADR) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue is committed to placing healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. Donations can be made by visiting or calling (801) 944-3023. The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization created to assist the building and growth of other foundations through leadership, management, marketing, and public relations. Established by Delray Beach business leader and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, the Foundation’s core focus is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and animals, support young adults through educational efforts, and aid women in breast cancer recovery. For more information, please visit

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