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‘Hope At Home’ – ADR Receives Positive Update

Posted On: December 16, 2009

DALLAS, TX (December 16, 2009) – As a followup to an article that appeared earlier this fall regarding [...]

American Dog Rescue Extends A Paw Across The Globe

Posted On: December 09, 2009

SHANGHAI, CHINA (December 1, 2009) – Arthur Benjamin, founder and president of American Dog Rescue, met today with [...]

American Dog Rescue Provides Some ‘Hope At Home’

Posted On: October 29, 2009

DALLAS, TX (October 29, 2009) – Sara Shepperd, Executive Director of North Dallas Dog Rescue, thanked Marcia Custer, [...]

American Dog Rescue Primes The Pump For Bruiser

Posted On: October 26, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (October 26, 2009) – Bruiser, a friendly boxer-mix, was hit by a car and [...]

American Dog Rescue Attends No More Homeless Pets National Conference

Posted On: October 25, 2009

LAS VEGAS, NV (October 25, 2009) – Founder and President of American Dog Rescue Arthur Benjamin, attended The [...]

Local News Story Moves Delray Resident To Cover Care For Puppy Mill Rescues

Posted On: October 11, 2009

DELRAY BEACH, FL (October 11, 2009) – The tragic sight of malnourished dogs and deplorable conditions of a [...]

Benjamin Posts $2000 Reward To Find & Convict Murderers Of “Bandit”

Posted On: September 26, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (September 26, 2009) NBC Affiliate KSL TV Channel 5’s lead story today reported authorities [...]

Benjamin Expands Aid for Dogs in Need

Posted On: September 14, 2009

WHARTON, TX (September 14, 2009) – True to their mission, The Gail L. and Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation [...]

Northern Texas Gains a New Dog Rescue Organization

Posted On: August 21, 2009

AUSTIN, TX (August 21, 2009) Divine Dog Rescue, a new 501(c)(3) rescue organization for dogs in northern Texas [...]

Dallas Animal Shelter Honors Benjamin With “Man’s Best Friend” Award

Posted On: July 25, 2009

DALLAS, TX (June 13, 2009) — “Top Hat & Tails,” the annual fundraiser for Paws in the City, [...]