Monday, Feb. 8, 2016

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For the Love of Dogs


“For the Love of Dogs” is a production of American Dog Rescue Foundation and the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation. New episodes air Saturdays at 8:30 am on KTXA Channel 21 in Dallas, and are added to this website after their original air dates. For notification of new episodes, please “like” American Dog Rescue Foundation on Facebook and follow ADR and our beloved mascot Buddy on Twitter.This weekly magazine-format show focuses on canine causes, news and features. It also features interviews with leaders in the dog welfare community, the latest products for dogs, new animal shelters around the country, footage from dog rescues and special guest dogs.

Tune in each week and join us, as it promises to be a howling good time!

Episode 105

This week’s episode features guests from Husky Haven and Hound Haven.

Episode 104

This new episode features guests from Frisco Humane Society.

Episode 103

This new episode features guests from Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue and Earth Day Texas.

Episode 102

This week’s episode features guests from Duck Team 6 and Dallas Pet First Aid.

Episode 101

This week’s “For the Love of Dogs” features guests from Bull Terrier Club of Dallas.

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