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Giving is Better Than Receiving on Your Birthday

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March 23, 2012


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Giving is Better Than Receiving on Your Birthday



American Dog Rescue encourages support for Paws2Help to carry on the birthday message of giving back.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (March 23, 2012) – American Dog Rescue Founder, South Florida Entrepreneur and Animal Advocate Arthur E. Benjamin proudly celebrates his birthday with Paws2Help, a low-cost veterinary center, to kick off the “Giving is Better Than Receiving on Your Birthday” Promotion on March 31 in the Lake Worth community and April 1 in the Lake Park community from 2-6 p.m. Instead of receiving gifts this year, Benjamin is hoping to start a movement with Paws2Help to encourage support from the Palm Beach community and to carry on the birthday message of giving back.

“Hundreds of animals suffer daily due to lack of basic necessary medical care due to the financial situation their owners happen to find themselves in; no animal should be denied health care for their good and that of our community.” said Benjamin. These free clinics will be open to any persons receiving public assistance who are unemployed or complying to animal care and control citations. A Florida licensed veterinary doctor is on site to provide free pet care to all furry friends in the Greater Palm Beach community who need medical examinations.

“We are honored that American Dog Rescue has become a platform of sponsorship, bringing awareness to the void of pet care to families who need it,” says Eve Van Engel, Founder of Paws2Help. “Many animals are never taken to a veterinarian due to their owners being unable to afford the medical fees. Mr. Benjamin has been extremely gracious to assist us in gaining support of free clinics in years to come.”

Paws2Help is a low-cost veterinary clinic that provides veterinary services to families that could otherwise not afford critical health care to their dogs and cats. The two clinics sponsored by American Dog Rescue to begin this event will provide basic medical advice, medications, and various treatments for family pets including minor skin wounds, ear infections, eye infections, and internal parasites, coughing and sneezing. Additional support will allow the clinics to continue to serve the local community.

To help support the free clinic initiative in Palm Beach with American Dog Rescue and Paws2Help, please visit The total cost of a free clinic can be sponsored for a $2,000 tax-deductible contribution to American Dog Rescue and indicating your donation supports this effort with your donation.

American Dog Rescue (ADR) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States.  American Dog Rescue is committed to placing healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family.  Donations can be made by visiting or calling (801) 944-3023.

Paws2Help is a is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) low-cost veterinary clinic for those who cannot afford animal healthcare otherwise.

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  1. Alice
    March 29, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    Dear Mr.Benjamin, I just wanted to thank you for helping Eve and Sigrid at Paws 2 Help. My husband and I have been supporting Paws 2 Help for quite a number of years. We adopted our beloved dog Buddie over ten years ago from Paws 2 Help. Buddie is no longer with us but we take all of our rescued pets to the clinic. We send everyone we know that is a pet owner to the clinic as well. Thank you again for your support. Alice

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