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I Love My Island Dog Makes St. Maarten “The Dog Friendly Island”

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March 24, 2012


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I Love My Island Dog Makes St. Maarten “The Dog Friendly Island”



Arthur E. Benjamin recently took a trip to St. Maarten to “save dogs AND my sanity,” as he put it. Arthur and Cathy Kangas teamed up to continue to work with “Urusla and Tito” to help dozens of dogs in need in their care.  Until four years ago, St. Maarten was the usual Caribbean Island. That’s when the French Minister, Pierre Brange, bought into a plan to boost American tourism by creating an island without wandering street dogs and with people who handle their four-legged brethren with the respect God charged us with.

Daniel Gibbs, now running for President, is the guy for the people to thank and elect (at least if American Tourism is important to the island’s residents). The islanders should make this known loud and clear by voting and for Daniel Gibbs!

“I jump at any opportunity to help dogs, but this chance to ‘mix business and beauty’, as they say, was almost too good to be true,” Arthur said. “Overall, a very rewarding experience for all involved!”

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