Furever Stories

The happy endings are, quite simply, why we do what we do. Here are some incredible success stories American Dog Rescue Foundation has helped make possible:


American Dog Rescue Foundation teamed up with Blake Donovan and ResQPet to step in and rescue Teddy, who had about 24 hours left before he was to be euthanized at a shelter.

“Thank God for his wonderful foster Mom… I wish people would understand the importance for fostering. It really is a life saving act of love,” Donovan says.


American Dog Rescue Foundation teamed up with Dallas Animal Services and others to help this sweet pup who needed serious surgery.

“There is never enough money to help all the dogs who need it; we are always happy to do what we can for dogs like Duchess and for DAS. And, I will never stop till every dog finds a home and every home finds a dog (or two),” ADRF founder Arthur E. Benjamin says.

“Phoenix & Bitsy”

These two sweet Chihuahuas came to our attention through our friends at Collin County Humane Society. You can read more here about how American Dog Rescue and our supporters contributed to helping these two.


American Dog Rescue Foundation and its supporters helped this Portuguese Water Dog recover from severe neglect – read more about Midnight on our blog.


Another shooting victim, this sweet little Chihuahua required expensive surgery and followup care. American Dog Rescue Foundation contributed to the cause, and we’re happy to see this little guy get back on his feet!


After years of neglect, Fred’s treatable eye condition had rendered him blind and in constant pain. Fortunately, this loving Pug/Chihuahua mix was rescued. However, his eyes had to be removed. American Dog Rescue Foundation contributed to Fred’s care and we’re happy to report he is on the mend.


Shooting a dog seems unfathomable to most. It has, however, happened way too many times to count. In Pokey’s case, he needed major facial reconstruction and plenty of followup care. American Dog Rescue Foundation was proud to play a part in that.


Jake was rescued from a high-kill shelter as a puppy, along with several litter mates. All of them had Parvo and, unfortunately, the others passed away. With help from American Dog Rescue Foundation, Jake is now a happy, disease-free pup.


After her beloved owner passed away, Hopey fell into the wrong hands. Although what truly happened to Hopey remains a mystery, the damage was obvious: huge areas of her back appeared to have been skinned. American Dog Rescue Foundation was proud to fund the special care this sweet Dachshund so badly required.

“Hazel & Rocky”

Hazel and Rocky were on the verge of becoming casualties of a high-kill shelter in Carson, California. As you can see from the photo, they’re now happy to be home with their forever family, thanks to American Dog Rescue Foundation and others.


Having been fortunate enough to survive being struck by an 18-wheeler, Thor’s right hind leg was utterly destroyed and in need of amputation. Thanks to donations from American Dog Rescue Foundation and others, Thor can live the remainder of his life as a happy, healthy, 3-legged dog.


When Blackie the Chihuahua was rescued in downtown Los Angeles, one of his hind legs had already been broken for quite some time. This caused the bones to fuse back together incorrectly, rendering the leg useless. Amputation was thought to be the only option at first. American Dog Rescue Foundation and others chipped in to help cover the surgery. As it turned out, Blackie’s leg was repairable, meaning no amputation! He’s happy to be on the mend now.


Mokie was born with only one eye, rescued by a woman with a big heart and lived with her for 4 years. On a very fixed income, she just simply couldn’t afford to care for him anymore. American Dog Rescue Foundation stepped in to save this beautiful Aussie and get him back on his feet, including extensive testing and vet care and finding him a forever home.


Formerly known as “Scooter” and “Tiny Tim,” Bandit was born with hind legs that didn’t work. This led his breeder with only one option in mind: euthanasia. Thankfully, Bandit was rescued before that could happen and American Dog Rescue Foundation funded his therapy and rehabilitation. Bandit now prefers running to walking, as all four of his legs work perfectly! Watch more about Bandit’s story on YouTube here!


Lannee was born blind due to severe cataracts on both eyes and rescued from a neglectful situation by her mama Lisa. American Dog Rescue Foundation helped fund Lannee’s cataract surgery and she can now see perfectly out of both eyes! Watch more about Lannee’s story on YouTube here!

“Dax – Thanksgiving Miracle”

American Dog Rescue Foundation helped rescue Dax from a substandard animal shelter in Cal City. He’s now moved into his forever home with his new mom Leisl.


Missy was found neglected, emaciated and caged. Through contributions from American Dog Rescue Foundation, she has now found a loving forever home.


Olivia was rescued, nutured and then adopted to a very loving home!


After being rescued from a terrible situation, she was covered with sarcoptic and demodex mange, which is a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites. Hope had to be boarded at the vet for three weeks to get nursed back to health. When she first came home to our rescue, she hid in a linen closet for 24 hours because she was so afraid.

Eventually, Hope warmed up to us, began eating and never stopped! Six months later when Hope was ADOPTED and is living happily ever after!


Emily was a pit bull who was in a very abusive situation when we found her. Emily required jaw surgery and still had bullet spray “buckshot” scars all over her side and back, but eventually everything healed!


Faith was a sad story and had been severely neglected when we rescued her.

Here is Faith eight weeks later! All she needed was a warm place to say, food, a few special baths and some extra tender loving care! She doesn’t even look like the same girl!

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