Thursday, May. 28, 2015

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Smiling Dog Farms

Smiling Dog Farms is a Sanctuary, not a traditional rescue. Our dogs come from shelters, rescues and private parties all across America.  They may be deemed "unadoptable" because they have bitten someone, have medical issues, have other behavioral challenges, have grown old, have become a burden or have just run out of time at a shelter.  If a dog is breathing, he qualifies to come live here!  
We provide a permanent home for truly "unadoptable" dogs that are out of options and are facing certain death.  We are a "Last Resort" for these dogs who have no where else to go. 
These dogs are allowed to live out their lives in safety and peace here at the farm.
We rely on your donations to continue helping dogs.  Our funding comes 100%  from individuals who want to help us help dogs.  We provide a permanent home for dogs that have no one else to speak for them, and whose only other option is euthanasia.  We also provide the opportunity for adoptable dogs to find their forever homes.
Our New Directions Adoption Program finds families for dogs.  Many of the dogs that come here have the potential to be successfully adopted.  We work with Adoption Partners who carefully screen possible adopters and supervise the placements.  Shelter dogs that have not been chosen by adopting families are often euthanized to make room for new arrivals.  If no other rescue can help these dogs, they are also welcome at Smiling Dog Farms and are placed into our Adoption Program.
You can make a difference as a Smiling Dog Partner.  Your monthly donation will let us keep helping the dogs who have been given up on by others!  100% of your tax deductible donations goes directly to helping the dogs.
Please click to here to donate and learn how you can make a dog smile!