Coming together to give a Hero to a Hero

June is PTSD Awareness month, a month dedicated to build understanding about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In honor of this month, American Dog Rescue has partnered with paws4vets for our ‘Hero for a Hero’ campaign in an effort to raise $10,000 to directly pair a veteran with a trained canine companion. Paws4vets is an organization that places specially trained Assistance Dogs with veterans and military dependents with various physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities. American Dog Rescue’s Founder, Arthur Benjamin, works closely with paws4vets, and serves as their Advisory Board Chair.  By identifying and carefully selecting special rescue dogs to be trained as service animals, and raising money to train them, American Dog Rescue can help cut the normal costs of a veteran getting a service dog by more than half, and see that more dogs are made available. Studies estimate that 1 in every 5 military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has PTSD. Dogs have proven extremely effective at helping fight anxiety, stress and depression for a human being. We feel that the best way to help a veteran work through their specific disability is to provide them with a trained dog that can compensate mentally, emotionally and physically for what they cannot. The process of a veteran learning to utilize their Psychiatric Service Dog to mitigate their symptoms is known as Intervention Transfer Training (ITT). With the help of other paws4vets clients and paws4vets peer mentors, this training process leads to a helpful recovery for the veteran. Advocate Carol Mitchell, mother of SGT Jeff Mitchell—“These dogs are able to touch a place in our souls that other human beings can’t. Right now, paws4vets is able to help dozens of veterans work with their service dogs a year. Our goal is to be able to help hundreds of veterans every year. With your support we can meet that goal.” Every donation helps aid the paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program in its success at training and placing the right hero for a hero.

The Great Give Event

Join American Dog Rescue and hundreds of other local charities as we take part in The Great Give – a community wide event that celebrates the spirit of giving and the collective effort it takes to strengthen our community by raising critical funds for local non-profits. On May 3rd, from Midnight to Midnight, the Community Foundation for Palm Beach, the United Way of Palm Beach County and the United Way of Martin County are coming together to raise as much money as possible for non-profits in just 24 hours.  Every local gift given during the event will be multiplied with additional dollars from a bonus pool raised by the Community Foundation.  This is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of dogs across America, and throughout the world! American Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer organization, which means 100% of all proceeds go directly to animal welfare projects to save and protect animals. ADR has been working since 2009 to improve the welfare of dogs throughout the country, and the world.  Our efforts to help dogs and the people who care for them include: Removing neglected animals from puppy mills, hoarding and other deplorable situations Rehabbing and re-homing thousands of rescued animals. Fully funding a Humane Society International office in Vietnam. Strengthening the bonds between U.S. Military heroes and the dogs they love, including training for PTSD service animals. Animal rescue and relief following natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin, MO tornado. Mobile veterinary clinics to provide spay, neuter and other necessary services to low-income areas with populations unable to seek the most basic veterinary care. Emergency help for hundreds of individual dogs with serious health challenges and surgical needs. Emergency help for individual dogs with serious health challenges and surgical needs. A global initiative to reduce street dog populations worldwide by 1 Billion dogs in the next 7 years.   Help American Dog Rescue make a positive impact on the lives of dogs across America, and throughout the world by donating to our organization during The Great Give on May 3rd.

One Billion Dogs in Seven Years

American Dog Rescue Foundation Forms Global Coalition to Solve the Billion “Street Dog” Crisis Boca Raton, FL. February 23, 2016— There are an estimated 200 million stray “street” dogs in the world right now. If nothing is done American Dog Rescue predicts that there will be over 1 billion street dogs globally. The World Health Organization has called the problem a public crisis and American Dog Rescue Foundation has formed a global coalition to decimate the street dog plague in just seven years. PETA research estimates a female dog, left un-spayed and living on the streets with its offspring, could produce “62,000 descendants in just six years.” With February 23rd being World Spay & Neuter Day, American Dog Rescue Foundation has partnered with: Bali (Dog) Adoption Rehabilitation Centre (BARC), which has drastically reduced the dog population and disease incidence in Bali Operation SNIP (Spay Neuter Incentive Program), the initiative of K9Aid, one of the most respected charities in Australia Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals American Dog Rescue Foundation intends to reduce Asian street-dog population through aggressive but compassionate spaying and neutering programs. These programs will reduce the number of street dogs, which will reduce the amount of dog meat available for eating. Dog-meat consumption is commonplace in many Asian countries. With the price of dog meat so high the consumption will decline. This will reduce the incidence of rabies, which can be transmitted by eating the meat of a sick dog. “While the numbers are staggering, we need to remember that these dogs are suffering and need our compassion. No need to end the lives of these dogs, but instead curb the vicious cycle these poor animals are going through. We have the solution and call on animal rescues and corporations across the globe to join our coalition,” said Benjamin. American Dog Rescue has raised over $50,000 with a goal of $250,000 to accomplish their goal. This is enough to finance the first step of in Bali and Thailand. Step two will move into Vietnam and Eastern Europe. Cindy Amey, Founder of K9Aid said, “We are thrilled to partner with […]

Saving Dogs Transcends All Borders

The strategies deployed in locating missing animals transcends all international borders. Time always works against dog owners who have lost their pet. While traveling to Brazil this week American Dog Rescue Founder Arthur Benjamin makes an effort to provide local support and advice to the countries he visits; it’s all about maximizing time and resources and increasing the odds of recovery. “Americans have the luxury of having great pet locator services like and microchip technology in nearly every shelter or veterinarian hospital,” said Benjamin. “Unfortunately, other countries have less sophisticated means of finding the family pet, and are less likely to use social media or outdoor signs to find their animal quickly. While visiting São Paulo on business, Benjamin’s advice resonated well when a woman lost her pet and used Facebook as a means of successfully locating her dog. “It was quite a rewarding experience to see what you preach result in a positive outcome,” he said. I was meeting with colleagues on a variety of initiatives and within minutes of posting her message on Facebook, the woman was able to locate her four-legged friend in an adjoins neighborhood. Benjamin’s says that the first 12 hours are the most critical and can often result in a 75-85% recovery rate. After 24 hours, the recovery rates drops to 60%, and after 72% it can go as low as 30%. While we have recovered animals weeks later, this phenomenon is rare. “Where the animal lives also plays an important role in their speed of recovery,” says Benjamin. Highly populated urban areas have far lower success rates than rural or suburban areas. A family pet is lost every two seconds. Over 10 million pets are lost each year. One out of three pets is lost during their lifetimes. One in ten family pets is found.  (National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy and National Humane Society) Below is the experience Arthur witnessed in Brazil.

Multiply Your Impact by Donating to ADR on North Texas Giving Day

Your donation today can save the lives of countless dogs in North Texas. American Dog Rescue has made it its mission to find a home for every dog. The organization has saved 30,000 dogs in the past decade, a number that increases every month. Our commitment to saving our four-legged friends extends to the men and women who serve this great nation. Our funding has successfully matched homeless and underserved dogs who have become successful service animals for US veterans returning home for their missions. We are committed to helping North Texas do the same. These family pets have made homecomings that much more special for those who have suffered the ravages of war and the return to normal family life. Make it your mission to contribute today. Your support will help finance and foster a dog and match them with their forever home in North Texas. Our annual sponsorship of service dogs for vets is just one of many programs we support. We plan to use part of the funds raised to support a local, North Texas military family. Supporting our mission of “No Dog Without A Home” is a great way to help dogs any day of the year, but there’s an even better reason to donate to ADR on this one special day: Every gift made through today helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day ranging from $500 to $5,000! With more than 70 total prizes being awarded throughout the day, our chances to maximize your gift are great! Just imagine what more we could accomplish for dogs with an extra $5,000 (or even $500 for that matter). Countless surgeries. Urgent vet care. Spay/neuter services. Perhaps even another full puppy mill bust, saving another 200 dogs! Make your gift today by clicking here. Please spread the word to all your dog-loving friends—with your help, we WILL reach our $100,000 fundraising goal on North Texas Giving Day! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can share in the excitement of a day of giving and remember to give tomorrow.

Arthur E. Benjamin, American Dog Rescue Team With HSUS To Proudly Present Wags To Wishes

  Arthur E. Benjamin is proud to announce that his non-profit organizations, American Dog Rescue and the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, will both serve as presenting sponsors (with added support from The Humane Society Of The United States) for the Utah Humane Society’s third-annual Wags to Wishes Gala. The event provides key funds for Utah Humane Society and takes place at the organization’s transformed shelter grounds June 20. Masters of Ceremony are Dan Evans and Kerri Cronk from Salt Lake City’s Fox 13 News. Benjamin is proud of his organizations’ ongoing support of the Humane Society of Utah, which helps enable important rescue work like: Consistently saving more animals’ lives than any other organization in Utah. A record-breaking 10,581 lives saved in 2014 and a plan to save 11,000 in 2015. Spaying/neutering more than 10,000 pets per year. The Transfer & Rescue program, which rescues Idaho and Utah animals who would otherwise be euthanized due to overcrowding 90% of the time. “Salt Lake City is a key ‘home base’ for me and a place I’m proud to call home,” Benjamin said. “My gentle giant Boxer Tex may have stolen the show by becoming the Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County in last November’s election, but I’m happy I can contribute to the well-being of animals in Utah in so many ways as well.” The gala will feature live & silent auctions, dinner & libations, dancing under the stars, and a speaking engagement by Guest of Honor, Gus Kenworthy, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist.

You Rescue Me Profile: Lola Proves To Be One-Of-A-Kind

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014: Lisa’s entry on behalf of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. Bringing Lola home almost seven years ago was filled with mixed emotions, excitement and sadness. Excitement because of my love for animals which I had never been without. Sadness because eight months before bringing Lola home I had to face the decision of putting my 14-year-old Sheltie Goldie down. Knowing I could never replace Goldie I needed to fill this huge void, and start mending my heart which was so sadly aching. In the beginning I tried comparing Lola to Goldie and it made me become distant from her. As time went on Lola developed her own unique personality which I came to accept and grew to love her unconditionally. Lola rescued me in many ways with her loyalty and most importantly her smartness. Lola won my Heart!

ADR Founder Arthur E. Benjamin’s Philanthropic Efforts Recognized In Palm Beach Daily News

American Dog Rescue founder Arthur E. Benjamin started his animal rescue charity nearly a decade ago with a straightforward goal: “No Dog Without A Home.” Arthur and ADR continue to let this mantra guide their ongoing efforts of saving animals locally (in Arthur’s home base cities of Palm Beach, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah and Dallas, Texas), nationally and around the world. One of those cities’ media outlets featured Arthur’s work in its online and print versions today. View the Palm Beach Daily News press clipping above or click here to read the full article.

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