ADR, always a proud sponsor of Tri-County Animal Rescue, attended and supported this event. It was dampened by rain (after 3 months of drought, what a shame), otherwise great event!!

Neglect is so Cruel!

ADR is unfortunately made aware of conditions, like this poor pup, on a daily basis. Such cruelty is unimaginable to normal human beings and should be prevented by our society through laws making such unacceptable behavior result in maximum punishment under the law. Additionally, such depraved human beings need to be deprived of rights to ever own or work with animals again unless a judge is satisfied that psychological and other rehabilitation makes this person fully capable of such future activity without risk to the animals involved. Further, we should be cognizant that such behavior with animals has in the past translated to infliction of human suffering and those people should be supervised around children for a period of time. ADR is always working with local governments to change laws to bring about change for the protection of animals and children and the betterment of society.

Famous Dog, Hachi

“Dog is God spelled backwards”. Almost everyone knows of this story, told in the Richard Gere film by this name. Such dedication and compelling love is almost impossible to find in humans, but dogs are always so much more generous. Arthur Benjamin, ADR’s founder, travelled halfway across the world to bow and lay a large bouquet of flowers at the feet of this bronze statue of “Hachi-San” in a square outside a subway station outside of Tokyo, Japan. And to his surprise when he stood and turned to leave the square over 500 Japanese people were bowing in return to him. Respect for the love of dogs is universally understood and shared and transcends the barrier of language.

ADR’s Government Liaison

Of late while out of the country without my dogs, this guy keeps coming to mind. Rescued 40 mins before being EU’d, then operated on to remove the bath towel he ate one piece at a time because of his severe separation anxiety, “TEX” became one of the best companion/service animals I have ever worked with. Voted K9 Mayor of Salt Lake County in a real election from 33 canine-d-dates that also raised $44,000 for County Animal Services Emergency Medical Fund, he served two years and is retired and getting very old. He lives his life to serve!

Big Dog Ranch

At Sponsor Party this evening with Lauree Simmons, Founder, at BIG DOG RANCH RESCUE. This is one happy place to adopt a dog. You have to see this place to know how rescue dogs can be treated and adopted 15,000 so far!!

Coming together to give a Hero to a Hero

June is PTSD Awareness month, a month dedicated to build understanding about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In honor of this month, American Dog Rescue has partnered with paws4vets for our ‘Hero for a Hero’ campaign in an effort to raise $10,000 to directly pair a veteran with a trained canine companion. Paws4vets is an organization that places specially trained Assistance Dogs with veterans and military dependents with various physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities. American Dog Rescue’s Founder, Arthur Benjamin, works closely with paws4vets, and serves as their Advisory Board Chair.  By identifying and carefully selecting special rescue dogs to be trained as service animals, and raising money to train them, American Dog Rescue can help cut the normal costs of a veteran getting a service dog by more than half, and see that more dogs are made available. Studies estimate that 1 in every 5 military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has PTSD. Dogs have proven extremely effective at helping fight anxiety, stress and depression for a human being. We feel that the best way to help a veteran work through their specific disability is to provide them with a trained dog that can compensate mentally, emotionally and physically for what they cannot. The process of a veteran learning to utilize their Psychiatric Service Dog to mitigate their symptoms is known as Intervention Transfer Training (ITT). With the help of other paws4vets clients and paws4vets peer mentors, this training process leads to a helpful recovery for the veteran. Advocate Carol Mitchell, mother of SGT Jeff Mitchell—“These dogs are able to touch a place in our souls that other human beings can’t. Right now, paws4vets is able to help dozens of veterans work with their service dogs a year. Our goal is to be able to help hundreds of veterans every year. With your support we can meet that goal.” Every donation helps aid the paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program in its success at training and placing the right hero for a hero.

The Great Give Event

Join American Dog Rescue and hundreds of other local charities as we take part in The Great Give – a community wide event that celebrates the spirit of giving and the collective effort it takes to strengthen our community by raising critical funds for local non-profits. On May 3rd, from Midnight to Midnight, the Community Foundation for Palm Beach, the United Way of Palm Beach County and the United Way of Martin County are coming together to raise as much money as possible for non-profits in just 24 hours.  Every local gift given during the event will be multiplied with additional dollars from a bonus pool raised by the Community Foundation.  This is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of dogs across America, and throughout the world! American Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer organization, which means 100% of all proceeds go directly to animal welfare projects to save and protect animals. ADR has been working since 2009 to improve the welfare of dogs throughout the country, and the world.  Our efforts to help dogs and the people who care for them include: Removing neglected animals from puppy mills, hoarding and other deplorable situations Rehabbing and re-homing thousands of rescued animals. Fully funding a Humane Society International office in Vietnam. Strengthening the bonds between U.S. Military heroes and the dogs they love, including training for PTSD service animals. Animal rescue and relief following natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin, MO tornado. Mobile veterinary clinics to provide spay, neuter and other necessary services to low-income areas with populations unable to seek the most basic veterinary care. Emergency help for hundreds of individual dogs with serious health challenges and surgical needs. Emergency help for individual dogs with serious health challenges and surgical needs. A global initiative to reduce street dog populations worldwide by 1 Billion dogs in the next 7 years.   Help American Dog Rescue make a positive impact on the lives of dogs across America, and throughout the world by donating to our organization during The Great Give on May 3rd.

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