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California Chow Saved! This 1 year 10 month old, 51 pound, ball of love lives on!

THIS BOY IS GETTING OUT OF ANIMAL SERVICES ALIVE. You did it! WE HAVE SAVED HIM TOGETHER To Our Rescue Friends in LA, THANK YOU! “It takes a village” and American Dog Rescue’s Village span’s the globe but to one dog it only takes one rescuer or one rescue organization on the scene to step forward for us all. Sincere thanks to our partners and friends who reposted this until one local rescue found love in their hearts and space in their program. Thanks to all those who pledged dollars toward Leo’s save and most of all, thanks to the lucky person who adopts and bonds with this boy for the next decade and more. It’s one more happy story for the campfire.

St. Martin’s Animal Rescue Announces “Puppies Without Borders” Event

What could be better than Puppies and Animal Lovers, at the mansion of Humphrey Bogart? St. Martin’s Rescue has been a long-time partner of American Dog Rescue in saving dogs, and they are having their first formal fundraiser on Sep 28th in LA for this great cause. It’s a celebration of the birthday of Jane Velez-Mitchell, and our own Founder, Arthur Benjamin, is the evening’s honoree for our long-time support of St. Martin Animal Rescue and his amazing and tireless work rescuing tens of thousands of dogs nationally and internationally from our east coast to west coast and from Asia to Eastern Europe, Africa & the Middle East, from hurricanes and tornadoes, to bringing home dogs from war zones and even for training service dogs for our veteran heroes returning with disabilities.

TEX… So Long, Sweet Boy… Until We Meet Again… RIP…

TEX knew his mission and chose me to join him in it… He taught me to speak “DOG” so I could communicate with them all. He earned me the title of “Bishop of Dogs”. He made me greater than I could have ever been without him in my life. He opened hearts and minds and helped change the landscape for rescue in Utah and around the nation… He lobbied for the beneficial treatment of dogs in Utah. He acted in kindness always and knew his responsibilities to bring God’s love to all those he touched. He even left 3.5 hours before I landed in Salt Lake City rushing to his bedside to save me the anguish of sitting through his passing. I wish him PEACE, and only hope to see him once more at the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. The Gentle Giant who served us all is off on his next adventure, look for him to return to continue that mission someday, maybe with you… if you would only be so incredibly lucky to know “A Dog’s Purpose” and recognize him. Rest my companion, mentor and champion; rest. 😪 From all of us at American Dog Rescue, thank you for your service, guidance and love ♥️

Outlaw the Yulin Dog Meat Trade

The Yulin festival is just 2 months away and tens of thousands of dogs will be beaten to death, burned alive and worse. Please join hands with the millions of dog lovers in China and SE Asia working g to outlaw Yulin and the dog meat trade in general. We must STOP 🛑 The Yulin Dog Meat Festival NOW. PS I personally am working with my network in China on this and any donations to American Dog Rescue will support these efforts through our website. (www.americandogrescue.org)

Tri-County’s Annual Doggie & Kitty Ball

Tri-County Animal Rescue held their ball this year to honor First Responders. And the First Responders can tell you that it was the time of their lives along with everyone else who was there. Cowboy/Cowgirl attire, great live band, sit down sumptuous dinner, gambling, huge dance floor open till midnight and a two room dessert bar that made Willy Wonka jealous! If you missed it this year, you missed one of the best events ever! Put it on your bucket list, add it to your calendar for 2020 now. The FUN, the TALENT & the FOOD… WOW! A MUST! Arthur Benjamin & Mara Schainuck Cuttin’ a Rug

Eve Van Engel, Animal Savior “PAWS-2-HELP”

Today is a day of remembrance…. Mum, friend, neighbor, rescuer whichever one she was to you. Eve passed away a year ago today. The year has been hard for all of us… We are sorry that we have not been in touch with so many of you, but you all have been in our thoughts so often… you have made us proud to call you friends… you were there in our time of need with support love, and a shoulder to cry on… we appreciate you all. Today we are spending time with Eve’s brother, George… Another step forward in our journey to acceptance… We hope to see you all soon and rehash some good memories of Eve. So, to those on the other side of the pond… we hope to speak soon, and again sorry for not being in touch as often as we should. We hope life is now easier for all of you too. Eve was such a good friend to American Dog Rescue that we couldn’t let this year go by without remembering her again and her dedication to saving animals.

“Paws4Vets” at UNCW

Coming Home then PTS. Every veteran’s best dream and worst nightmare. This is the story of so many. Please join me in honoring every veteran you see by thanking them for their service and donate to an organization that trains service dogs for them because the need far exceeds the supply for those who need them. I am the Advisory Board Chair of www.paws4people.org. Please help a veteran in need find his/her service dog. We must provide alternatives to suicide and drugs. They have served us; let’s serve them! The paws4people/paws4vets graduation and Annual Family Reunion at UNCW was beyond moving and rejuvenating. 100 or so graduations. As it’s Advisory Board Chair, I am so happy to see a tiny effort of a few turn into a $10 million plus national non-profit with a great future in just 7yrs. My privilege to be a part of it!

Logan Saved!

LOGAN is an amazing Golden who as you can see is a sweetheart and a wonderful learner. He is about a year old now. His adopter learned the hard way (almost lost her arm) that he is food bowl aggressive. The authorities want to put him down but we aren’t going to let that happen because with some training he can learn to deal with his fear and get over it. American Dog Rescue saves many, many dogs each year. Logan’s story represents many with the same story. Thanks to the power of social media, this pup, along with so many others have found their way and their forever home.

Tex Takes a Vacay!

Tex, who has served the Salt Lake County community for many years as its elected K9 Mayor, and also as a service dog companion to the founder of American Dog Rescue, Arthur Benjamin, is enjoying himself immensely while on vacation to California. As many of our regular readers know, Tex was also an ADR rescue who was saved just an hour before being euthanized.

Toby was Saved Today!

“Toby” was saved today by emergency surgery at OPERATION KINDNESS in Carrollton (just outside of Dallas), Texas. Please look them up and DONATE to their great work saving 5000+ animals a year. Without American Dog Rescue and Operation Kindness, Toby “would be toast”. And send your prayers for a quick recovery here.

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