FTLOD Episodes 11-15

Episode 11

Skip Trimble of the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) stopped by to discuss with Arthur and Farah some of the specific reasons why puppy mills are not a humane option for breeding puppies. Skip also provided some practical advice on how to avoid supporting a puppy mill the next time you add a new furry friend to your family.

Episode 12

Terry and Kyria Henry of paws4people stop by to discuss their amazing organization (founded by Kyria when she was just 12 years old) with Arthur and Farah. Through several specialized programs – including paws4vets and paws4prisons – paws4people helps train and place service and companion dogs for people with disabilities, as well as war veterans with PTSD. You will NOT want to miss the many amazing stories in this episode!

Episode 13

Tzu Zoo Rescue founder Lynda Leazure sat down with Arthur and Farah to discuss the important rescue work done by her organization. Arthur has a special place in his heart for Tzu Zoo, as it was the original organization that helped save his sidekick Bandit from being euthanized by his breeder.

Episode 14

In our latest episode, DFW Rescue Me board members Jim Wenger and Ann Mattson discuss their organization. Nationwide, 5-7 million animals are brought to shelters each year, with nearly half being euthanized. The goal of DFW Rescue Me is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in the Dallas area.

Episode 15

SPCA Lifetime Achievement Recipient Mary Spencer has fostered over 500 animals and she shares stories of her tireless work with the Dallas Animal Services Commission, Dallas Animal Companion Project and the SPCA. She has also written a book entitled “All My Fosters Are Rock Stars.” Mary says: “You won’t change the world by saving one dog but you will change the world for that one dog.” She is an inspiration to many.