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Few of us could imagine what it’s like to be stabbed and left for dead. In the case of Hope – a shocking example of the depths of animal cruelty – those wounds were just the beginning. Hope’s torturers also bound her muzzle with electrical tape, her tongue left hanging helplessly in a position in which she could neither drink nor pant to cool off. So there she was, left to die in the brutal Texas heat in July by someone with unimaginable motives. But Hope is a survivor and was also fortunate to have good people find her and come to her rescue before it was too late. She’s since made a full recovery and has even been adopted into a forever home. Whoever perpetrated this heinous act, however, remains at large. The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction stood at ,000 – until American Dog Rescue Foundation’s Arthur E. Benjamin became involved. “I decided to add an extra ,000 to the reward,” Arthur said. “It is my sincere hope that this added reward will be the incentive needed to finally bring a criminal like this to justice – our animals can’t truly be safe until that happens.” The additional ,000 reward is being offered through Friday, October 5, 2012. If you have any information about Hope’s case, please call the Parker County Sheriff at 817.594.3213 to report and qualify for the reward. Or, you can call American Dog Rescue at 888.262.4753 to anonymously report information. To see a local TV news story about Hope, please click below to view.   For more coverage of Hope’s story and American Dog Rescue’s sponsorship of an increased reward, please visit the following links:   Culture Map Dallas   My Sweet Charity   Weatherford Democrat   Dallas Morning News   Fort Worth Star-Telegram        

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