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A Call to the Wild

Animal advocate’s passion takes him to the end of the earth. By Emily J. Minor Most people say they love animals for their cuddliness, their cuteness, and the fact that loving animals is simply politically correct. But for philanthropist, animal rights advocate and American Dog Rescue Foundation founder Arthur E. Benjamin, the devotion goes deeper. Much deeper. Benjamin loves animals for their personal stories, for the lives they’ve led, for the lives he knows they could lead. Whether it’s the frightened, bedraggled Hurricane Katrina kittens that were rescued and given real homes, or the grossly abused circus lion moved to a new beginning atop a Tennessee mountain, Benjamin’s caring intuition for animals knows no boundaries. Recently, he went to the ends of the earth to prove it. For years, Benjamin has been schooling himself on animal’s rights, and helping through the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation bringing awareness to zoo elephants forgotten in captivity, shelter dogs scheduled to be put down. Injured great blue herons restored and returned to flight. When his beloved wife, Gail, died in 2004, he and Buddy, the family dog, teamed up to do even more. They started American Dog Rescue Foundation – a 501C charity that saves dogs and makes sure they have homes. But even this Delray Beach entrepreneur – who each year raises as much as he can and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars under both charities – agrees that his recent trip to the middle of nowhere was something extraordinary, even for him. “I can tell you, I’ve seen a lot in my life,” he says, “But this was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had.” Canadian government still allows the hunting of seal pups – as barbaric as it sounds, and it’s barbaric. Clubbed to death before they can even swim, these pups are being killed for their coats, and it’s being done in record numbers. Between the dwindling ice cover, brought on by warmer climates, to the continuing hunt of these newborns, more than 300,000 seal pups die each year. And that’s why Benjamin did what he […]

American Dog Rescue Founder Arthur E. Benjamin Says “Stop the Seal Hunt!” in Advance of April 12 Hunt

National animal advocate produces graphic video of Newfoundland seal hunt to express public outrage over clubbing of baby seals. DALLAS, APRIL 5, 2012:  American Dog Rescue founder and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin has issued an urgent plea to Canadian government officials, on behalf of outraged people worldwide, to stop the cruel slaughter of seal pups that occurs off Newfoundland, Canada, each year—and is set to happen April 12, 2012.  In March, Benjamin and TV producer and actress Farah White teamed with the Humane Society of the United States to film the baby seals first hand. Benjamin and White have produced—and just released—a 60-second public service announcement (PSA) called “Stop the Seal Hunt” to let millions of people view the harsh reality of this barbaric practice.  “Once you see the PSA, you’ll find yourself thinking as I did, ‘This has got to stop!’ Farah and I flew into the arctic sea—where you can barely land a helicopter—to get a sense of these amazing creatures in their natural habitat,” said Benjamin. “It’s one thing to hear about these atrocities and quite another to witness them. The PSA captures both the beauty and gentle nature of these defenseless creatures, as well as the devastating massacre carried out in the name of fashion. Thirty-three countries around the world have banned their trade in seal products–it’s time to stop the hunt, now.” The new PSA invites viewers to visit the special website Benjamin has established to empower members of the public to bring the slaughter of baby seals—merely for their furs—to an end.  Visitors to the site will find a variety of action steps, including: signing the Humane Society of United States petition, joining the boycott of Canadian seafood, downloading a “Protect Seals” app for iPhone, and donating to End the Hunt alongside  American Dog Rescue. Benjamin has pledged to match a portion of all funds donated via the foundation’s website at MORE ON CANDIAN SEAL HUNTING In most countries, buying and selling seal fur is a felony, meaning there is no longer a legitimate market for seal products. However, during the last 10 years, […]

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