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New Leash On Life

DALLAS, TX (February 4, 2010) — “Emily”, a medium-sized Labrador mix, is recovering in Dallas. American Dog Rescue arranged for her to be picked her up from her veterinarian in Oklahoma after funding her emergency medical services.

Emily has quite a story starting with escaping from her owners as they attempted to surrender her to the local animal services department. When they took her in, they made her leave behind two 7 week old puppies. A week later, she made it forty miles home but with much of her lower jaw and her upper lip ripped open, and 1/3 of her body weight gone. Sadly, the owners took her back to animal services again instead of recognizing her amazing nature and dedication to her puppies. They reportedly said, “She is all bloody and we do not want her”. Not knowing what else to do, the local animal services officer recommended she be put down due to the injuries and weigh-loss.

However, luckily for Emily, our local representative, went to check her out first, as it broke our hearts when we heard her story. Given it, and her amazingly good nature, we decided to take her in… The next morning the local vet started her on antibiotics, and as she slowly got stronger, he did what repairs he could. But Emily needed more attention than he could provide, so transport to Dallas was arranged by us through our affiliate, August Dog Rescue’s Dallas Network.

This sweetheart stole the hearts of everyone along the way, people at the vet clinic and so many on the Internet. Her face might not have been the prettiest at this time, but it has been one of the most loved.

She has, due to the work of American Dog Rescue and its partner rescues, gone on to a interim home for full recovery at North Dallas Dog Rescue, and her wound is now as small as a dime! Amazingly, Emiliy was full of love & kisses for everyone each step of the way; in spite of her abandonment and mistreatment at the hands of other people, she reminded all involved that dogs embody unconditional love of humans, and its our privilege to do for them all we can in return.

Emily had the will to survive and many good people made it possible for her to do that. She now will always get the love in return she deserves thanks to North Dallas Dog Rescue, August Dog Rescue and American Dog Rescue’s work saving dogs who deserve a second chance and a forever home.

To provide for rescue to dogs like Emily, please go to today.

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