American Dog Rescue Foundation

100% of your donations to ADR go to projects

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American Dog Rescue Foundation

We support projects that make a difference locally, nationally, and globally

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American Dog Rescue Foundation

We help dogs find a forever home

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Global Rescue


We are working to save one billion street dogs from around the world.


Military Hero Service Dogs

ADR helps match much needed support service dogs with U.S. military heroes.


Emergency Relief

Our natural disaster fund delivers aid following natural disasters.


Support At All Levels

National, state and local humane societies look to us for financial support.

#1 Billion Dogs

Boca Raton, FL. February 23, 2016— There are an estimated 200 millio...

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Tri Country Doggie Ball

Boca Raton, FL March 1, 2016— Crowd favorite and South Florida’...

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Saving Dogs Transcends All Borders

The strategies deployed in locating missing animals transcends all int...

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ADR has teamed up with Stronger and Better Together to HELP PUERTO RICO

We are rescuing abandoned pets in Puerto Rico that have been caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and we are relocating & rehabilitating these beloved four legged friends. Please show your support, every dollar counts.

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